Job Interview Advice


Unfortunately the saying about many people applying, but just a few being hired, is still true these days. Some people may think this job interview skill set is something new, but it’s been practiced by many people that are going through interviews in an effort to secure employment. Regardless of the type of interview you’re attending, these skills will work wonders. These skills will work well when you’re involved in an initial screening interview, a more in depth second interview, a panel interview, or a group interview. You’ll need to adjust the skills a little bit depending on the kind of interview you’re participating in. Once you’ve mastered these skills you will do well regardless of the forum. Combine these job interview skills with your qualifications and you’ll be ready to land the job you want.

Below, you will find the skills you will have to master before stepping foot into an interview room. There’s no need to get overly stressed about mastering these interview skills, because with enough time and effort they can be tuned to perfection.

The Skill to Dress Appropriately for an Interview

While this may sound understated, the initial impression you make on the interviewer will carry through to future interviews, if they are granted. This means you want to make sure you look great during your first interview so everything goes as it should. This is one job interview skill that everyone needs to grasp, even those seeking employment for the very first time.

Women attending an interview should wear a suit with pants or a skirt and a blouse for a modest appearance. Women should wear stockings in a natural tone and a sharp pair of black pumps. The outfit should be finished with some well chosen accessories to really pull everything together.

Men should opt for a rather conservative approach and choose a suit in black, navy, or grey, either pinstriped or solid. The dress shirt worn under the suit should be solid in either white or blue and coupled with a silky looking tie. Shoes should have laces and be well polished and his socks should match the shoes.

Being Well Prepared Is a Skill

Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts learn at an early age about the value of being prepared at all times and this motto is true when it comes to job interviews too. You will discover that being well prepared will serve you far better than simply relying on luck to carry you successfully through the interview. This is a job interview skill that you should master as quickly as possible.

Here are a few very basic steps you should follow:

Spend a fair amount of time researching the company you’re applying to as well as the job you’re after. You can get plenty of information from trade magazines or the Internet. Another excellent method for gathering information is to ask people that are active in the industry. If you appear to be well informed and prepared, you’ll make an excellent first impression with the interviewer. This shows that you have a true interest in securing the job you’ve applied for.

Next, you should analyze both your strengths and your weaknesses. Doing this will help craft a good elevator pitch when the expected question “tell us about yourself” is asked during your interview. You can accomplish this by compiling a detailed list of responsibilities you’ve had in previous jobs and what you’ve done to advance your career. Anytime you have to speak about previous employers, supervisors, or co-workers, be sure to do so in a positive manner. Even if you have negative feelings, always stick to the positive aspects of people.

Set very specific goals for the future, both personal and professional goals. There’s a good chance this topic will come up during the interview. When you take the time to really prepare yourself before the job interview, you will be confident that your demeanor will be cool, calm, and collected. By being well prepared you will be less likely to give poor answers to questions or babble on and on.

Confidence as a Skill

Confidence is a skill that can be worked on as you are going through the entire interview process. Confidence is a skill that takes some time to perfect, but when you combine a high level of confidence with your qualifications you will get through the interview with ease and hopefully look better than all the other candidates that have applied.

However, there is a trick to using confidence favorably. You have to have a grasp on that thin line that separates knowing that you can provide exactly what the company needs and really believing you have what they’re looking for. You must balance your confidence level so you don’t appear to be very arrogant. Master this balancing act and you will shine during any interview.

You will most likely be in a formal interview setting the very first time you meet with any prospective employer so you should do everything you can to make a good impression. You want to prove to them that you can bring as much value to the company as your application and resume reflects. Continue to work on polishing your job interview skill sets so you will be well prepared for your next interview.

Source:  Johnny Berg,