Human Resource Services

Incorporated under the laws of Ghana. We provide leadership and staffing services in Africa & Middle East markets. GCJ instills integrity & trust as a registered global data protection firm in accordance with Data Protection Act.

Staffing & Recruitment

* Ever had a frustrating experience as a recruiting manager, interviewer, or job candidate? identifying a strong list of candidates for any given role is only half of the battle.
* The other is reaching the top 10%

Pinnacle Leadership Development

* That which traditional companies give in this area is theory, lectures, case studies and linear development.
* These approaches provide anything but temporary cures because they do not go far enough!

Outsourcing & Managed Services

* Outsourcing means finding better ways of doing business.
* Unlock hidden growth! We deliver scalable, flexible short or long-term manpower & shared services capacity in terms of management and overheads.

Supervisory & First Line Managerial Skills Development

* From an employee’s perspective, this group is “The Company” so it is critical to ensure they accurately communicate your key messages and implement your business strategy locally the way you have intended.

Team-building Events

* Our approach is a combination of both indoor and outdoor exercises so a good and environmentally friendly location must be chosen.

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