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Job Vacancy For Blaster At Transcend Chartered Accountants (Bolgatanga)

Posted on: June 28th, 2013 by Ghana Jobs

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Our client, a newly established stone quarry in Northern Ghana requires the services of a Blaster for immediate employment.


•   Assembles, plants and detonates explosive charges to loosen soil and rock
•   Loads explosives in blast holes by hand or directs the movement of bulk
•   explosives trucks to lead holes
•   Determines quality, type and amount of explosives required
•   Marks location and stakes out pattern of holes to be drilled
•   Issues drilling instructions for depth and placement of blast holes
•   Selects and arranges detonators to control the blast
•   Assembles primer charges and blasting cap and places them with main
•   explosive charges in drill holes
•   Fills collar of drill hole with mud or clay and tamps
•   Connects wires, detonating cord or fuses into series
•   Directs helpers to place safety mat over charge to suppress rock fragments
•   during blast
•   Extends lead wires away from charge and tests electrical circuits with
•   portable galvanometer
•   Ensures that explosives and accessories are handled and stored in
•   accordance with regulations
•   Ensures that safety regulations are being observed and sounds horn, whistle
•   or other signal for area to be cleared of workers and equipment
•   Connects wires to blasting machine and pushes handle or button or lights
•   fuse to detonate charge
•   May be required to compile records of blasting and keep inventory of blasting
•   agents on hand
•   Supervises Powderman

Qualification Required & Experience

•   Must have unlimited surface Blaster’s Certificate
•   Must have additional experience in rock blasting on large civil construction
•   projects, including experience with sequential blasting

Location: Bolgatanga

How To Apply For The Job

Qualified candidates should send their applications to:

Closing Date: 11 July, 2013