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Job Vacancy For Hairstylist

Posted on: October 23rd, 2017 by Ghana Jobs

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Hairstylist to provide a range of haircare services as part of a routine session, including shampooing, cutting, coloring, styling, and blow-drying.

The daily responsibilities are extensive, and often include the following tasks:

• Advising clients on their haircare needs
• Creating hair styles for formal events
• Analyzing clients’ hair, facial features, and needs, and determining/recommending beauty treatments
• Styling and dressing hairpieces, extensions, and wigs
• Maintaining an appointment calendar through scheduling
• Demonstrating and selling styling products
• Learning and perfecting new styles and techniques
• Maintaining and updating client records
• Waxing eyebrows and facial hair
• Trimming, cutting, and shaving hair using clippers, scissors, trimmers, and razors
• Maintaining work stations and sanitizing tools and equipment
• Applying chemical setting, straightening, or curling solutions
• Using curlers, rollers, hot irons, and curling irons
• Applying hair color, dye, and tints
• Administering therapeutic scalp and hair treatments
• Performing scalp, neck, and face massages
• Applying hot towel treatments

May also be responsible for ensuring product inventory is sufficient, ordering new products, stocking products on display shelves, and even doing some marketing for the salon.

Hairdresser Job Duties and Responsibilities

hairdresser must:

• Possess knowledge of principles and processing for providing personal services
• Have the ability to assess the needs of the clients
• Meet quality standards for service
• Possess knowledge of the chemical composition and properties of the substances they use and the chemical processes the substances may undergo (i.e., understanding chemical reactions, production techniques, and disposal methods)

Successful hairdresser must also:

• Be able to work under pressure
• Possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Be patient
• Be able to work long hours on their feet
• Pay attention to small details
• Listen closely to their clients’ wants and needs
• Be able to follow instructions
• Keep up with the latest beauty trends
• Earn the trust of their clients
• Closely follow safety, sanitation, and health standards

Specialty hairdressers may include:

• Hair braiders, who specialize in creating small braids over the entire head
• Natural hairstylists, who work on ethnic hair without processing and relaxing chemicals
• Locticians, who prep the hair and scalp for a natural hairstylist and often specializes in dreadlocks

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Interested persons should call:

0268-570035 / +2332-68570035

Closing Date: 22 November, 2017