Call for Expressions of Interest – Become a GCERF grant recipient in Ghana

In May 2023, the government of Ghana extended an invitation to GCERF. Building upon this collaboration, GCERF has formally accepted the Ministry for National Security to join the GCERF Governing Board in June 2023. In November 2023, GCERF launched in partnership with the Ministry of National Security an emergency funding to help support addressing tensions between the Burkinabe refugees and host populations that may translate to radicalisation.

GCERF engages Ghana as a partner country facing significant violent extremist threats due to various factors but also impacted by the increased recent violence in Burkina Faso.

Leveraging on its extensive experience and expertise, particularly in the Sahel region and Nigeria over the last decade, GCERF endeavours to serve as a reliable facilitator to build community resilience against violent extremism in Northern Ghana. This involves adopting an approach that aligns with and enhances the National Framework for Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism and Terrorism (NAFPCVET), as well as regional and international initiatives in partnership with local, national, and regional partners. GCERF’s primary partner is the Ministry for National Security.

GCERF is pleased to announce a call for expressions of interest for CSOs in Ghana to form a consortium and become a Principal Recipient (PR) of GCERF funding. Consortium grants are managed and supported by the PRs, who are the legal recipients of GCERF funding and provide funding to other consortium members or “Sub-Recipients” (SR).

The funding of consortia will be directed towards strengthening the following objectives:

Objective 1: Increase awareness of violent extremism and preventative approaches among communities, CSOs, and authorities.

Objective 2: Support vulnerable populations in accessing sustainable socio-economic opportunities.

Objective 3: Promote traditional conflict resolution and peacebuilding mechanisms to strengthen social cohesion.

The purpose of this Expression of Interest (EOI) is for applicants to demonstrate they meet GCERF’s prerequisites to receive funding and that they have sufficient technical, managerial and administrative experience to effectively implement a project that will seek to address the issues outlined in the detailed expressions of interest (below).

All Expressions of Interest must be duly filled and submitted electronically to by June 10th, 2024. The email should be marked as ‘EOI-Ghana’ – in the subject line. Failing to comply might compromise your submission. Following review of submissions, shortlisted applicants will be contacted to conduct a due diligence.

Please note, the earlier we receive it, the better, as we will commence reviewing submissions promptly.


• Appropriate legal registration in the Republic of Ghana (Documents must be included in the application).
• Willingness to accept and fulfill the role of a Principal Recipient (as described herein).

Required Capabilities

• Experience and capacity in supporting community-level initiatives that address the local drivers of violent extremism.
• Established relationships and credibility with the communities and population groups in the geographical areas identified in the Call.
• Experience and capacity in delivering programme and management.
• Experience and capacity in financial management and in the management of and accounting for international donor grant funding.

Location: Accra

How To Apply

GCERF will host an online Q&A session for potential applicants on 04 June 2024 at 1:00 PM (CET). Please join the meeting here.

Please ensure that your application includes the following documents:

Completed Annex A – Application form
Completed Annex B – Past Projects
Completed Annex C – Budget Summary
Completed Theory of Change

Closing Date: 17 June, 2024