Job Vacancy For Deputy Executive Secretary/ Project Officer

Reports To: The Executive Secretary
Accountable To: The Strategic Plan Co-ordinating Committee, and the Standing Executive Committee

Job Purpose:

To assist in the provision of efficient and effective administrative support to the Executive Secretary of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana and serve as a liaison/ project officer and co-ordinator for the implementation of the PSGH strategic plan.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:

•   Facilitate achievement of key deliverables under the PSGH's 10-Year Strategic Plan.
•   Writing proposals to seek funding for projects
•   Support advocacy initiatives to shape policies
•   Submit periodically reports on the implementation of PSGH strategic plan through the Strategic Plan Coordinating Committee and Standing Executive Committee to the Governing Board
•   Perform any other function as may be assigned by the Executive Secretary, Strategic Plan Co-ordinating Committee and the Standing Executive Committee.
•   Assist the Executive Secretary in the efficient administration of the Society, its Headquarters and regional offices.

Communication and Working Relationship:

•   Establish and maintain effective communication with colleagues, visitors and clients.
•   Work with administrative staff in it collegiate manner.
•   Participate in Headquarters Staff Meetings.
•   Person and People Development:
•   Develop and maintain continuing personal and professional development to meet the changing demands in the area of pharmacy administration.
•   Monitor own performance against agreed objectives and standards.
•   Keep up to date on Job related issues as appropriate.
•   Contribute to the development of the administrative staff.

Health & Safety Responsibilities:

•   Take care of own safety and that of other colleagues and clients as appropriate.
•   Work in compliance with Society health and safety requirements

Quality Assurance:

•   Comply with all Society's Quality Assurance Policy guidelines and work within the prescribed quality standards for the administrative services.

Further Information:

•   The post holder must at all times:
•   Work in accordance with Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana
•   Code of Professional Conduct and Disciplinary Procedure.

Effective leadership skills:

•   Must also deal with teams coming from various walks of life and fine-tune learn performance to achieve organisational goals through various leadership styles

Decision maker:

•   Make innumerable decisions which will help define the project track and capable of thinking quickly and reacting decisively.


•   Cultivate a clear vision about it project and develop a mission driven" psyche.
•   Must deliver results on time and within a budget, but that is not an easy task
•   Need to have a clear picture of the direction of the project
•   Should have a frame of mind to take care of obstacles that could deter them from achieving goals.

Technical knowledge:

•   Need to be adept in handling technical tools and have a deep insight in implementation of strategic plan or any similar project
•   Understand issues regarding the implementation of strategic plan
•   Knowledge of the best practices in relation to PSGH and also take strategic initiatives and decisions when required


•   Need to be good at team-building
•   Focus to the positive aspects of their team members
•   Inculcate a cohesive force among team members

Thrive/work under pressure:

•   Must be calm and have a balanced state of mind and not indulge in negative thought

Negotiation skills:

•   Be a good negotiator as this skill is required ill case differences of opinion arise between team members and stakeholders.
•   Must try to settle such issues without letting the conflict grow and disturb the team's harmony;


•   Must be empathetic
•   Understand the needs of the project, stakeholders, team issues and the risks involved,


•   Must be enthusiastic about the work and project.

This job description is intended as a guide to the principal duties and responsibilities for the post and should not be considered an exhaustive list. It is subject to change in line with future development of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ghana.

Salary Conditions: Attractive and Negotiable

Qualification Required & Experience

Person Specification
Deputy Executive Secretary/ Project Officer

Criteria: Educational Qualification and Experience

•   Degree in Pharmacy, Registered Pharmacist and Member of the PSGH. A Master's Degree in a relevant field and working experience in management and administration will be an advantage.
•   Experience in pharmacy/health, project management and public relations.
•   Experience in the development" and implementation of Projects and Plans

Criteria: Knowledge

•   Broad knowledge in administrative services
•   Broad knowledge in Office Practice
•   Broad knowledge of Society's guidelines relating to personnel confidentiality
•   Broad knowledge of Administrative Practice and Procedures

Criteria: Skills & Abilities

•   Computer skills
•   Strong word processing and spreadsheet software skills
•   Good organisational skills
•   Office management skills
•   Clear written and verbal communication skills
•   Excellent interpersonal skills.
•   Ability to work under pressure

Criteria: Mental and physical attributes

•   Ability to lead a group effectively.
•   Ability to work to deadlines.
•   Ability to solve complex problems

Criteria: Personal Attributes

•   Smart appearance
•   Core values of accountability. integrity and transparency
•   Flexible,enthusiastic, self-motivated, committed and courteous

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

In addition to the above, the prospective candidate should write in not more than two (2) A4 sheets with double-spaced typing of font size 12, his or her vision to transform the national secretariat of the PSGH.

Applications with the subject heading "Deputy Executive Secretary/ Project officer" should be emailed to:

[email protected]

Closing Date: 28 February, 2017

Only short listed applicants will be contacted.