Job Vacancy For Education Advisor At Titagya Schools (Dalun, Northern Ghana)

Titagya Schools is a Ghanaian-US NGO dedicated to dramatically improving the quality of education in sub-Saharan Africa, with a current focus on northern Ghana.  We operate three pre-schools and kindergartens for 200 children in northern Ghana, as well as a teacher-training program for public-school educators.

We are looking for an educator-leader to join our small, dynamic management team in Dalun.  Please see the responsibilities and qualifications below.  Compensation is competitive.  It will initially be a role carried out on a contract-basis for six months.

Responsibilities will include the following:

•   Working closely and collaboratively with Titagya teachers on approaches to and assessments of teaching and learning to build a culture of continuous reflection and creativity.
•   Leading a teacher-training initiative in which we offer workshops for educators on topics related to child-centred education and professional growth.  The workshops take place in partnership with Bryn Mawr College, the University for Development Studies, and the GES.
•   Initiating/conducting follow-up visits to select schools that participate in trainings to understand challenges to implementing changes and help them overcome key barriers.
•   Starting & implementing new learning initiatives within Titagya-run schools.  Build trust & relationships across schools so as to be able to share practices that work well at Titagya-run schools with other schools.
•   Being an overall strong team member, including willingness to help with other areas when necessary, accept constructive criticism, and experiment.
•   Identifying and pursuing priorities within Titagya’s schools and the educator-training program.  Supporting planning for the program’s future.

Qualification Required & Experience

•   University degree in Education.  5+ years working in Education and 3+ years in Early Childhood Education.  Passion for and strong familiarity with interactive, child-centred education vs. traditional rote-memorization.
•   Experience working with a fast-growing organization and managing people.
•   Excellent communication skills, including the ability to quickly gain the trust of educators, government officials, and parents/school communities.
•   Strong project management skills, including the ability to plan, lead/execute, and measure complex tasks.
•   Ability to work well in a team setting, while also being accountable for individual targets.
•   Ability to write effectively and to use email and social media to communicate with partners.
•   Highly-motivated and trustworthy individual.  Open to other people’s ideas and different ways of approaching tasks.  Respectful and friendly to people at all levels of the organization.
•   Entrepreneurial, proactive, and willing to do tasks such as copying papers without an assistant.  Initiates tasks and suggests priorities rather than having to be instructed on what to do.
•   Willing to move to Dalun, Kumbungu District.

Location: Dalun, Northern Ghana

How To Apply For The Job

For more information, please send your CV and cover letter to Mr. Mahama Safianu, Project Manager at:-

[email protected]  

or to :-

Titagya Schools,
Dalun Road,

The contact number is +24 254 9189.  

Closing Date: 08 January, 2014

Please also visit Titagya Schools’ website at