Job Vacancy For Agronomist

(Matrix Innovation Ltd) Nirvana Plantation Limited is seeking to recruit an Agronomist to investigate and implement solutions for our clients in the food production and farming industries. In this role, you will examine, research, and solve problems related to crop management, output, and quality. You will also develop tailored agronomic approaches and oversee interventions on behalf of the company.

Basic Job Description

• Developing better planting, cultivation, and harvesting techniques, improving crop yield, and solving problems for clients.
• Researching and promoting agricultural strategies to counter the effects of changes in soil, climate, weather, and pest damage.
• Visiting fields to collect seed, plant, and soil samples.
• Testing samples for nutritional deficiencies, diseases, or other changes.
• Assisting with the plant sourcing, testing, and selection.
• Keeping detailed records regarding fields, customers, crops, and samples.
• Generating reports and presenting findings to management, clients, or other interested parties.
• Conducting training on products and techniques through educational presentations.
• Managing teams of scientists while conducting field visits or laboratory work.
• Developing planting and irrigation schedules, budgets, and timelines.

Qualification Required & Experience

• Bachelor’s degree in agronomy, agriculture, or a related field.
• Further education and experience may be preferred.
• Additional certifications may be required.
• Valid driver’s license and willingness to travel.
• Proficiency with computers, especially MS Office and diagnostic scientific software.
• Exceptional active listening and verbal and written communication skills.
• Strong research, decision making, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.
• Awareness of industry trends, technology, and developments.
• Sales and presentation skills.

Agronomist Requirements:

• Target oriented
• Focused on developing and promoting better farming practices.
• Detail-oriented, and analytical with excellent listening and communication skills.
• problem-solving skills.
• Self-motivated individual
• Willing to learn and take directions the Matrix way

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Send CV and application letter to:

[email protected]

Please note we do not provide accommodation

We receive large volumes of applications so only applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted after 2 weeks of receipt.

Closing Date: 03 April 2022