Job Vacancy For Company Secretary

Job Description

The Company Secretary shall be expected to provide among others the following services to the company in accordance with section 212 of the companies Act 2019, (Act 992).

• Assisting the Board to comply with the constitution of the company and with any relevant enactment.
• Keeping the books and records of the company
• Ensuring that the Annual Financial Statements of the company are dispatched to every person entitled to the statements of the company are dispatched to every person entitled to the statements as required by Act 992
• Ensure that all statutory forms and returns are duly filed with the Registrar
• Providing the board with guidance as to the duties, responsibilities and powers of the board and the changes and development in the laws affecting the operation of companies
• Inform the board of legislation relevant to or affecting meetings of shareholders and directors and their failure to comply with the legislation and reporting accordingly at any meeting
• Ensuring that the minutes of the meetings of the shareholders and the directors are properly recorded in the form required by this Act
• Shall be responsible for organizing and attending meetings of the board of directors and providing secretarial duties for meetings of the board of directors except where responsibility for the correspondence is assigned to others
• Shall be responsible for all arrangement regarding the holding of Annual General Meetings or extraordinary general meeting by publishing notices for the summoning of meetings and sending circulars and reports on meetings to members
• Shall be responsible for the maintenance of the register of the company regarding the creation of charges over the company's properties, a register of debenture holders and a register of members
• Any other duties required by the Act or as assigned by the Board of Directors

Qualification Required & Experience

The preferred candidate must meet the following requirements as clearly stated in section 211 of companies Act, (Act 992).

• Have obtained a professional qualification or a tertiary level qualification that enables that person to have the requisite knowledge and experiences to perform the functions of a company secretary

Note: The professional or tertiary level qualification should be a discipline with an offering in company law practice and administration

• Have held office, before the appointment as a company secretary for a period of at least 3 years
• Be a member in good standing of
• The institute of chartered secretaries and administrators or
• The institute of chartered accountants, Ghana
• Have been enrolled to practice, is in good standing as a barrister or solicitors in the republic or
• By virtue of academic qualification, or as a member of a professional body, appears to the directors as capable of performing the functions of secretary of the company. The candidate must have a minimum of 2 years working experience as a company secretary or in a related function

Location: Jacobu-Ashanti

How To Apply For The Job

Interested applicants should submit their cover letter, curriculum vitae (CV) and copies of their academica and national service certificates to the following address:

The Chief Executive Office
Odotobri Rural Bank PLC
P.O.Box 9

Or email to:

Closing Date: 03 May, 2024