Job Vacancy For Consultant: Environmental & Safeguard Specialist At Ministry of Finance


•   The Government of the Republic of Ghana (GoG) has applied for a credit from the International Development Association (IDA) towards the cost of the Ghana Public Private Partnership (PPP) Project and intends to apply part of the proceeds of this credit to payments under contracts for Individual Consultants to assist in project implementation.
•   The objective of the project is to assist the GoG tackle the binding infrastructure constraints that hamper firm productivity and employment generating growth.
•   This project seeks to increase infrastructure service levels and quality through supporting private sector participation through a PPP financing model. Through the proposed components the project is thus designed to help implement the approved National Policy on PPP, June, 2011, thus supporting a conducive and enabling environment for PPPs.
•   The Ghana PPP Project has four primary components:
o Component 1: PPP Institutional, Fiduciary and Legislative Capacity Building
o Component 2: PPP Pipeline Preparation and Transaction Advisory Support
o Component 3: Facilitating the Provision ofLong Term Development Finance
o Component 4: Project Management and Monitoring & Evaluation
•   The Ministry of Finance (MoF) through its Public Investment Division (PID) which is leading project implementation now invites eligible Individual Consultants to indicate their interest in providing relevant services as a Safeguards Specialist

Objectives Of the Assignment:

This assignment is designed to support and advise the PID of MoF and Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to ensure that sub-projects under Component 3 of the project are properly prepared and implemented in compliance with the World Bank's environmental and social safeguards policies and Ghana EPA's regulations and procedures. More specifically, the primary responsibilityofthe specialist will include:

•   Oversee and ensure compliance with the environmental and social safeguards requirements of Ghana and the World Bank in the PPP Project supported transactions (projects);
•   Review and assess from the environmental and social safeguards perspective the effectiveness of the PPP activities implemented, their impacts and their compliance with national and international standards as well as environmental and social safeguards instruments, and
•   Recommend measures to enhance the achievement of the project development objectives through appropriately addressing the social and environmental issues ofthe project.
•   Identify safeguards and reputational risks of proposed transactions (projects), communicate them to PID and World Bank teams, and propose ways to address them early, transparently and in consultations with potentially affected stakeholders.

Scope of Work:

The scope of the work for this assignment will primarily include, but not limited to, the following:

•   Preparing internal environmental and social guidelines for the preparation, implementation, monitoring and reporting of environmental and social documents required by various safeguards instruments;
•   Preparing and Reviewing TORs for the selection of consultants to prepare safeguards documentation such as ESMF/ESIA/ESMP/RPFs and RAPs;
•   Reviewing ESMF/ESIA/ESMP/RPF/RAPs and other environmental and social safeguards documents prepared by consultants to ensure quality, compliance with relevant safeguards policies of the government of Ghana and the World Bank;
•   Ensure that the TOR for the preparation of ESIAs in sub-projects are reviewed and cleared by the World Bank;
•   Ensure the monitoring and implementation of environmental and social mitigation measures spelt out in the ESMP;
•   Provide guidance to the PID in meeting Ghana EPA permitting requirements under sub-projects as may be deemed appropriate;
•   Providing recommendations to PID accordingly and make necessary changes prior to submission of relevant safeguard instruments to the World Bank - ensure consistency in the level of proficiency and presentation of the documentation;
•   Supporting PID in the review of documentation pertaining to environmental and social compliance (including bidding documents, reviews on-site, reports from contractors etc) during project implementation;
•   Conducting audits in matters pertaining to timely payments, provision of temporary measures to affected persons;     •   Contribute to project progress reports pertaining to overall implementation of environmental and social requirements ofthe project;
•   Coordinating and facilitating the work of consultants engaged to carry out environmental and social impact assessments and resettlement planning and monitoring of safeguards instruments implementation;
•   Organising the technical aspects of workshops and meetings as required, as outlined in the ESMF/RPF training and capacity building section;
•   Preparing training materials, and conducting technical training workshops to PID staff and project implementation agencies on environmental and social safeguards requirements;
•   Undertaking field visits to ascertain if the grievance redress mechanisms established for the project are functioning appropriately and the individual projects are implemented in an environmentally and social sustainable manner; and

Qualification Required & Experience

•   Master Degree in Environmental Assessment/Management, Environmental/ Civil Engineering, Economics, Social Sciences or other relevant field;
•   At least 5 years of work experience in the preparation of RPF/RAP and EAS/ESMF instruments and at least 10 years of professional experience relevant to the assignment;
•   Preparation of environmental and social impact assessment reports, resettlement and livelihood planning, management plans, and monitoring;
•   Proven experience in formulating, assessing, and reviewing environmental and social safeguards compliance documents;
•   Knowledge of institutional and environmental/social issues in Ghana and Ghanaian national and regional legislations related to environment, land tenure, labour adjustment issues and other relevant acts;
•   Knowledge of Ghanaian national (EPA Act 490 and Environmental AssessmeRegulations Ll1652) and regional legislations related to environment, &social issues in sectors such as Agriculture, Transport (Highways, Railways, Ports, Airports) Health, Solid Waste, Urban Water, Energy etc.;
•   Experience carrying out stakeholder consultations and organizing environmental and social safeguards training workshops/seminars will be an asset;
•   Familiarity with Ghana EPA's regulations and procedures and World Bank Safeguards Policies;
•   Working relationship with the Ghana EPA will be an advantage;
•   Proven track record in working effectively within multidisciplinary teams
•   Evidence of being able to work effectively in high-pressure environment and to tight delivery deadlines;
•   Candidate must be computer literate and should have good verbal and written English language skills.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

•   Interested Individual Consultants must provide information (Detailed Curricula Vitae and a Cover Letter, indicating that they are qualified to perform the services forthe specific positions described above.
•   Individual Consultants will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank's Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits & Grants by World Bank Borrowers ("Consultant Guidelines") [January 2011 Version revised in 2014].

•   Interested Individual Consultants may obtain further information at the address below from 0900 to 1700 hours, Monday through Friday (except public holidays).

The Project Coordinator
Public Investment Division
Ministry of Finance
28th February Road
Post Office Box M40, Ministries, Accra
Fourth Floor (New Block) Room 409

Email: [email protected]

Expressions of Interest must be submitted in Six (6) copies (one original and five copies) in sealed envelope clearly marked "Ghana PPP Project Environmental and Safeguards Specialist" and delivered at the address below no later than 3.00pm, Friday 26th February 2016.

The Chief Director
Ministry of Finance
28th February Road
Post Office Box M40, Ministries, Accra
Attn: Director, Public Investment Division
Fourth Floor (New Block) Room 402

Email: [email protected]

Closing Date: 26 February, 2016