Job Vacancy For Database Consultants At Controller & Accountant General’s Department (CAGD)

The Controller and Accountant General's Department of the Ministry of Finance intends to apply part of its budgetary allocation to payments under the contract for OPTIMISATION OF THE IPPD2DATABASEARCHITECTURE

The CONTROLLER AND ACCOUNTANT GENERALS DEPARTMENT now invites eligible Individual Database Consultants to indicate their interest in providing the services.

Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the services (description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of, appropriate skills, etc.).

The objectives of the assignment are:

a)To boost the performance of the IPPD2 system
b)Shorten the payroll process runtime, by optimizing the Oracle database architecture.
c) Re-configure, re-align and return the layers of the systems architecture, viz, storage sub-systems, operating system, relational database management system as well as the payroll application itself.

The consultant shall undertake the following key activities:

•   Review the configurations of the existing IPPD 2 Infrastructure components of operating system, database, network, and storage.
•   Evaluate and review policies and processes in application tuning and performance monitoring
•   Evaluate and review policies and processes in database tuning and performance monitoring
•   Provide a strategic database direction for the organization
•   Assist in building capacity on planning growth and changes (capacity planning).
•   Understand the different components in the current environment and explore any obvious performance issues.
•   Ensure coherence in the IPPD 2 Database design including placement, type, and use of indexes.
•   Review the existing use of indexes and recommend optimization improvements to it.
•   Review 110 distribution to ensure that data and indexes are separated where possible and that other database components are separated when applicable.
•   Assist to achieve the maturation and sustainment of the Oracle Application and Database infrastructure capabilities.
•   Test performance of the database queries and implement performance optimization as needed to run large queries.
•   Review the functional policies, processes and procedures and their attendant resource implications on the IPPD 2 System.
•   Create and maintain documentation on all observations, implemented solutions and recommended processes and procedures.
•   The Consultant will review the findings of all relevant past and present HRMIS and IPPD studies and undertake any necessary additional analysis and monitoring of the payroll process and then recommend to the DCAG-ICTM by the end of the first thirty (30) days
•   The Consultant will prove the efficacy of the recommendation by applying them to a copy of the live database in a test environment by the end of the third month.
•   Advise and assist CAGD permanent staff in developing, testing and automating a suite of maintenance operations in the live environment to ensure that the performance, capacity and integrity gains realized are made permanent by the end of the fourth month.
•   As far as possible, share with CAGD permanent staff the knowledge and skills applied in the course of optimizing the platform by the end of the fifth month.
•   Document all the changes made in the live environment by the end of the sixth month.

Qualification Required & Experience

•   Experience in Database Administration (Oracle Database 11 g Release 2 or Sybase Database Administration)
•   Experience in UNIX Systems Administration (AI X)
•   Experience in Disk Storage Systems Configuration (IBM DSN Series) or VAXNMS System Management
•   Experience in Ingres Release 5-6 Conversion
•   Experience in Advanced Ingres in 4 GL Programming
•   The individual Consultant must have knowledge of Ghana's Public Sector as well as experience of successfully resolving performance and or integrity issues in a comparable large complex database environment locally (at least Ghana Club 100) and overseas (Fortune 500) plus demonstrable skills too.
•   Consultant must have over twenty (20) years of hands on experience
•   A first degree in Computer Science is a basic requirement.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours, i.e 0900 to 1700 hours. Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below and via email by 12.30 pm on 12th November 2015

Attention Mr Asare Fianko
Tel:- 0505358997

Email Address:
With copies to:

Closing Date: 12 November, 2015