Job Vacancy For Deputy Systems Manager At USAID Ghana

The U.S. Mission in Accra, Ghana is seeking a highly motivated and qualified individual for the position of DEPUTY SYSTEMS MANAGER in the Regional Executive Office of USAID/West Africa. The incumbent is responsible for providing computer and telecommunication support to the Regional Mission, USAID/West Africa, and the Bilateral Mission, Ghana, as well as client missions in West Africa. He/she serves as the principal supervisor over computer operations on the mission’s computer systems.


The position is located in the Regional Executive Office (REXO) of the USAID West Africa, and the Information Technology (IT) section is responsible for providing computer and telecommunication support services to the Regional Mission, USAID/West Africa, and the Bilateral Mission, USAID/Ghana, as well as two client missions in West Africa. The incumbent serves as the principal supervisor over computer operations on the mission's computer systems.


•   Within the Regional Executive Office (REXO) of the USAID Accra organization, the Information Technology (IT) section is responsible for providing computer and telecommunication support services to the Regional Mission, USAID/West Africa, and the Bilateral Mission, USAID/Ghana, as well as two client missions in West Africa.

1. System Operations, Management and Advisory 40%

The incumbent ensures that all the central computer systems, including LAN servers, are operating at optimum levels with minimal down time if any. The incumbent is responsible for the hardware related operational support for USAID/ACCRA Controller data processing functions (e.g. PHOENIX, PAYROLL, AETA, etc.). He/She is the principal supervisor responsible for the daily start-up of the computer systems and ensures that all the hardware and software systems are working properly.

•   He/she is responsible for carrying out data security and disaster recovery procedures by making sure that important system and data files are backed up to tapes. Ensure that the backup tapes are labeled properly and stored in a secure environment as well as at an off-site facility. Establishes physical security controls in the computer room for the protection and safe guarding of the central systems. He/She ensures that the integrity and reliability of all the databases on all the systems is maintained.

•   The incumbent participates in the Information Technology Committee comprising of senior managers, to provide technical advice on all information technology plans. He/She prepares detailed reports for the committee documenting the performance of the various hardware and software currently in use by the mission. The incumbent advises the committee on the equipment procurement and ordering levels. He/She explains complex computer and other IT concepts to management staff, who are outside the computer field, to ensure clarity of issues before commitments are made. The Deputy Systems Manager represents the System Administrator in various committees and advises him on the options available to install and meet the mission computer needs. He/She works with the Systems Manager and Computer Technician in the planning and setting up of new network wiring.

•   He/She prepares budget estimates for acquisition of new equipment and software for the post. The incumbent works in consultation with IRM (AID/W) automation specialists in planning and establishing the posts computer systems. He/She is called upon to develop the annual mission ADP budget proposal for the System Administrator, which is included in the mission Annual Budget Submission (ABS). The incumbent supervises hired contractors when carrying out computer related jobs. He/she has supervisory responsibility for the Mission’s Computer Technician, which includes preparing personnel actions and performance evaluations. The incumbent advises staff on the preparation of computer hardware/software configuration for procurement. He/she advises the General Service Office (GSO) and EXO on the obsolete ADP equipment for disposal as well as storage. He/she participates in preparation and conducting of interviews to select applicants on jobs that have computer related functions.

2. System Analysis and Programming 10%

•   The incumbent provides the Systems Administrator with new hardware and software configurations after analyzing the current and future computer systems workloads. He/She visits various offices from time to time to observe and analyze their work processes and functions for possible automation. He/She prepares detailed automation solutions which are discussed with the System Administrator before presentation to the Information Technology Committee for further planning. The incumbent analyzes the effectiveness of systems in use verses new ones in the market, and recommends the appropriate options to follow. He/she prepares computer program specification for writing applications and then personally writes them in the computer language that meets the application requirements. From time to time he/she is expected to pass these specifications to a programmer or an operations assistant for program coding. The incumbent will occasionally be called upon to modify and enhance various applications in use and developed by the mission staff.

3. Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting 25%

•   The Deputy Systems Manager supervises and carries out the installation of new hardware and software at node level. He/she schedules installation process with GSO to ensure that the right surge suppressor plugs are used and that all computer cabling and electrical wiring and sockets are installed properly and in the desired location. He/she also makes sure that proper computer furniture is in place before equipment is installed.
The incumbent ensures that computer hardware systems and peripheral equipment are operated in accordance with Agency computer security policies, standards, and guidelines. Interface with service engineers and maintenance personnel to ensure that serviced equipment is operating properly. Schedule quarterly preventive maintenance for all ADP equipment including environmental control hardware (UPSes and Air conditioners, Fire Extinguisher, etc).

•   The Deputy Systems Manager is the principal coordinator responsible for all ADP equipment maintenance and troubleshooting. He/She performs troubleshooting for all hardware problems including computer cabling and LAN wiring. Identifies the problem and organizes for such problems to be resolved by IT staff, GSO Staff, or contractor personnel responsible for equipment maintenance. He/She is also responsible for compiling an up to date list of ADP hardware covered under any hardware maintenance contract with an outside vendor. Provide the mission's GSO department with certification of job carried out by contractors.

4. Procurement and Inventory 10%

•   The Deputy Systems Manager serves as the IT section's first-line-contact person with the GSO procurement section. Provide technical assistance to GSO regarding new equipment/software configurations for ordering and procurement. He/She is also responsible for the inspection and receiving of computer hardware and software to determine whether equipment received is in good working condition. The incumbent works with the GSO in resolving any discrepancies between what is received and what was ordered. Advice the Mission's GSO department on the type and levels of computer media and stationery required for the support of the computer operations (eg. diskettes, tapes, ribbons, print wheels, print bands, toner cartridges, laser printer service kits, font cartridges, printer paper, etc). Maintain a computerized ADP hardware/software inventory which is reconciled with GSO's nonexpendable property inventory database and IRM's AIMS list.

5. User Support and Training 10%

•   The Deputy Systems Manager is responsible for managing the EXO/IT user Help Desk. He/She reviews user requests for assistance in Hardware/software operational problems on the LAN. He/She assigns assistance requests to relevant EXO/IT staff with technical expertise on dealing with reported problems. He/She may offer one-on-one training to users needing specific help with Windows, Microsoft Office, E-mail (Outlook) and other computer utilities.

6. Any Other Duties 5%

•   May perform any other computer related duties as may be assigned by the Systems Manager.


•   The ADP equipment systems located in the complex include a Local Area Network (LAN) consisting of two HP Proliant DL 360, three HP Proliant ML 370, five Compaq ML 370, three Compaq ML 350, two Windows 2000 MSUS servers and approximately 160 PCs (Nodes) with a user community of about 140 people. While the two HP Proliant DL 360 are running on Windows 2003 server, the remaining systems run on Windows 2000 server.

•   The LAN applications include email and internet services through a dedicated VSAT Telecommunications link with AID/W for World Wide Web (WWW) and Voice On VSAT(VOV) applications. The Exchange 2000 E-MAIL link is used to create an Agency-wide Wide Area Network (WAN). Other LAN applications include MS office products and full time internet access via VSAT and/or local Internet Service Provider (ISP), American Electronic Time And Attendance (AETA), ProDoc, Barscan, Electronic certification System(ECS), EXO Applications, ASIST, WebPASS, etc.

•   In support of this complex computer installation with two major systems running parallel, the Assistant Computer Systems Manager is responsible for all phases of system operations, management, maintenance, troubleshooting, procurement, installation, ADP hardware/software inventory, and user support and training. The incumbent also provides operational training and consultation of various information technology aspects to computer users at post.

Qualification Required & Experience

•   Education: University degree in Computer Sciences or Information Systems is required.
•   Prior Work Experience: At least four years progressively responsible work in data processing operations is required.
•   Language Proficiency: Level IV English (fluent) is required. (Language proficiency will be tested).
•   Job Knowledge: Thorough knowledge of computer equipment operations management, hardware and software technology, Mission and Agency objectives, relationships, and management practices; technical aspects of analysis, computer application programming, telecommunications, and management advisory services; and acquisition policies and procedures relative to computer hardware and software; and an expert knowledge of systems analysis and design techniques.
•   Skills and Abilities: Skills in maintaining operational capability and readiness of computer system. Ability to explain complex computer and IT concepts to management staff who are outside the field. Level 1 typing.

Salary range (FSN-10) = GH¢ 56, 4579.00 – GH¢ 84,694.00 p.a. (depending on qualification and experience)

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Interested individuals should submit a signed cover letter, relevant certificates and CV with references to:

Regional Executive Office
USAID/West Africa
P.O. Box 1630, Accra

Or by Email to:

[email protected]

Note: When submitting your application via email, start the subject line with the position title. Failure to state this and submit signed letter with relevant documents will disqualify applicant.


Closing Date: 28 September, 2015

USAID/Ghana anticipates awarding one Personal Services Contract (PSC) regarding this announcement. Please note that this does not constitute any guarantee that a PSC will be awarded as result of this announcement.