Job Vacancy For Division Manager Natural Resources Policy – ANRC At African Natural Resources Centre (ANRC)


The African Natural Resources Centre (ANRC) is an entity of the African Development Bank established in 2013 to deliver capacity building programs to Regional Member States (RMCs) in natural resources management. The scope combines renewable (water, forestry, land and fishery) and non-renewable (oil, gas and minerals) resources. The mandate of the Center is to assist the RMCs maximize development outcomes derived from Africa’s natural resources by boosting their capacity of the RMCs to achieve inclusive and sustained growth from natural resources. Internally, the role of the Center is to collaborate with all entities of the Bank to build knowledge and support RMCs improve development outcomes. Though this cross-cutting role of the Center the aim is to bring cohesion to the Bank’s Natural Resources Management (NRM) initiatives, enhance the value of natural resources, position the region strategically on the global arena and provide expertise in the Center’s focus areas.

Duties and responsibilities

The primary purpose of this job is to provide strategic advice to the director and operational leadership to policy experts and consultants responsible for producing policy briefs, conduct periodic country sector studies and designing toolkits to generate the knowledge necessary to support country capacity programs of advice to regional member states. He / she must have a balance of public and private sector knowledge in the relevant areas of the Center’s work. He or she will coordinate programs of advice to RMCs on policy, legal and institutional reforms as relates to policy analysis, design and implementation. The incumbent will be the Center’s focal point in managing relations with consultants and institutional partners as well as relations with relevant arms of the Bank, regional governments and private sector entities. The incumbent will also oversee advocacy initiatives and coordinate knowledge-building programs implemented by experts in the stated areas of focus.

The incumbent will achieve this by:

•   Overseeing implementation of the Center’s Strategy and work-plans as relates to analysis, reports and knowledge management,
•   Providing strategic and programmatic advise to the Director on all matters relating to policy analysis, knowledge management and advocacy work,
•   Leading a team of experts, consultants, overseeing programs and managing resources as relates to the Center’s work in knowledge management,
•   Coordinating advocacy programs and policy dialogue,
•   Overseeing the provision of strategic advice through knowledge management to support negotiations between RMCs and investors,
•   Identifying internal and external knowledge gaps and recommending appropriate responses,
•   Designing and supervising agreed work program delivered by consultants and experts providing specialist support,
•   Collaborating with peers to benchmark policy formulation in order to assist RMCs build institutional know-how,
•   Leading identification of capacity gaps and overseeing the design and implementation of solutions,
•   Identifying and forging partnerships with internal and external peers in the RMCs, RECs, industry and think-tanks,
•   Coordinating the mobilization of resources for relevant programs,
•   Keeping abreast of international and regional conventions,
•   Advising the Director on relevant issues,
•   Managing all resources allocated to specific role.

Qualification Required & Experience

Including desirable skills, knowledge and experience

The incumbent must demonstrate competencies in the following:

•   Hold  a minimum of a Master’s  degree in the policy, analysis design or resources management and related disciplines,
•   Have at least ten (10) years’ work experience in the following sectors, international organizations, regulatory environment or a Think-Tank with a focus in the relevant sector and or function.
•   Be a change agent and an experienced researcher with a track record in research project design, execution and publishing for internal and external audiences,
•   Knowledge and hands on experience of sector regulatory environment, regional initiatives in the sector, AU development programs and relevant protocols,
•   Extensive experience in knowledge management and oversight of advocacy programs,
•   Experience designing and implementing programs of advice and capacity building,
•   Knowledge of the region and DFI environment,
•   Knowledge of principles of good governance as pertaining to natural resources policy,
•   Extensive report writing and editorial skills,
•   Ability to supervise teams,
•   Knowledge of influencers of public policy,
•   Capacity and ability to work independently with senior executives at regional and international level,
•   Excellent written and verbal communication in English or French with a working knowledge of the other language,
•   Competence in the use of standard Microsoft software (Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint).

Location: Ghana

How To Apply For The Job

Interested and qualified candidates should

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Closing Date: 01 September, 2015

Only applicants who fully meet the Bank's requirements and are being considered for interview will be contacted. Applicants will only be considered if they submit an online application, and attach a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV). The African Development Bank is an equal opportunities employer and female candidates are strongly encouraged to apply