Job Vacancy For Executive Director At Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII)

Job Summary

•   Ghana Integrity Initiative (GII), the leading anti-corruption civil Society Organisation in Ghana and the Ghana chapter of Transparency International, has launched a search for an Executive Director to replace the current one who is due for retirement in December.
•   The position demands an individual with an understanding and knowledge of governance and anti-corruption issues, coalition building, research and policy advocacy, partnership development and fundraising, to promote transparency and accountability issues both at the national, regional and global level.
•   The position also demands an individual who has publicly not engaged in partisan politics and/or holds an Executive position in a political party.
•   The Executive Director is the administrative head of the GII Secretariat and is responsible to the GII Board,

Duties & Responsibilities:

The Executive Director shall be responsible for:

•   Developing GII's policy and agenda to shape and influence national, international, and multinational policies on the connections between corruption and development agendas;
•   Building partnerships and collaborating with institutions that can help address the destabilising impact of corruption on the well being of people;
•   Representing GII in forums and building partnerships needed to advance its agenda as well as working to secure broad buy-in transparency and accountability;
•   Developing and maintaining relationships with key goals and objectives and influencing policy decisions by the government and other key stakeholders;
•   Efficiently and effectively managing the human and material resources of GII;
•   Developing and implementing fundraising strategies to mobilise resources to meet funding requirements of programmes and administration to ensure the realisation of GII's mission statement and objectives;
•   Serving as Secretary to the Board of Directors and ensuring that GII fulfills its legal obligations under the laws of the country;

Qualification Required & Experience

•   A Master's degree in any of the following fields: Law, Governance, International Development, the Social and Management Sciences and Media.
•   A continuous working experience in management/leadership 2 level positions, preferably with five years in a governance-related CSO;
•   At least 5 enhance research and advocacy, capacity building, and policy reforms.
•   A strong background working on transparency and anti-corruption issues
•   Proven experience in engaging with and influencing governments, policy institutions and other key players in governance policies and legislation;
•   Strong executive-level financial management experience, including demonstrated experience of successfully managing and leading teams, fundraising and understanding financial reports;

Skills and Abilities:

•   Knowledge of the national and global development agenda and the role of anti-corruption and good governance in that agenda.
•   Networking abilities, especially with local and national civil society organisations, bilateral and multilateral institutions, including regional and sub-regional groups.
•   Ability to lead, engage, and collaborate with individuals across various disciplines, cultures and backgrounds, especially staff members, to achieve shared goals.
•   Ability to conceptualise, develop and implement programmes designed to influence and persuade in a non-confrontational manner.
•   Ability to utilise strong analytical, critical decision-making and strategic planning skills.
•   Ability to fundraise for civil society programmes and administration;
•   Strong interpersonal skills, presence and ability to effectively build strong relationships both internally and externally to the organisation
•   A reputation for high ethical standards and integrity.
•   Be computer literate

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Interested persons should send their curriculum Vitae (CV) and cover letter to:

The Executive Director
Ghana Integrity Initiative,
P.M.B. ct 317, Cantoments,
House No.21 Abelenkpe Road, Abelenkpe


Indicate: SEARCH IDR EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR" on your letter or e-mail

All applications dispatched after 5.00 p.m. (Ghana time) on October 16, 2015 shall not be entertained.

Closing Date: 16 October, 2015