Job Vacancy For Experienced Mid-Level Sales Executives

We are looking to hire four - ten (4-10) experienced mid-level sales executives in Accra.

You will be assigned or required to recruit 4 - 20 talented sales representatives whom you will lead to success as part of your team.

KetSales Ninjas is the autonomous and independent sales and marketing subsidiary of both CETECH Ghana Limited and WealthBankers Limited. Meaning we do not only market and sell CETECH Ghana and WealthBankers' products and services but we also take on and work with multiple external companies and clients at the same time.
Hence, we are a sharp precision tool companies hire to tackle their growth problems and achieve their sales and marketing goals.

Job Details

It's a full-time role, with a hybrid (remote sometimes and onsite sometimes) work environment including many online meetings and some offline ones. Applicants must be residing in Accra, Ghana.

WITH KetSales Ninjas

• You have one job but can work with multiple companies, up to 7 - 10 companies at a time.
• You can market and sell products and services from all of these companies each month and earn commissions.
• You can sell products and services in several industries, you choose and sell in the industry you choose.
• Since the same customer persona or demographic can fit multiple related products, you are able to earn more with less work.
• Your choice - you can work remotely, on-site, hybrid, offline, or even online; however that's best for you.

WITHOUT KetSales Ninjas

• You can work with one or two companies at a time as two different jobs.
• You can market and sell products and services from that one company only.
• You are limited to the experience of the industry of that one company.


• Strong demonstratable and provable experience in sales and marketing is required.
• You must understand the sales and marketing processes and be able to negotiate with clients and lead sales teams.
• You must be able to search out business leads and trending products. Communication skills are also vital to this job.
• Create a personalized strategy of how you will utilize direct sales and direct marketing principles to
achieve sales goals.
• Understand how we operate, the companies we work with, and their products and services.
• Approach and engage the target audience in Ghana and/or abroad, through online or offline means.
• Using provided information on their website and customer support, explain our partner companies'
products and services to your leads and convert them to paying customers.
• Depending on the company's product or service you are selling, you will interact business to business
(B2B) or business to customer (B2C)

Qualification Required & Experience

• A minimum Bachelor's Degree is required (in business, marketing, sales, advertising, communications, public relations, management, accounting, business law, economics, finance, statistics, IT, human resources, logistics, or closely related field).
• Ability to sell products and services, that is to close sales by acquiring leads and converting them to
paying customers.
• We accept hard and smart-working individuals who can get their job done in record time.
• Ability to quickly create rapport with potential clients and to effectively lead a high-performing sales
• If you believe you are a marketing and sales representative, then all we need is that you ethically and
legally bring in paying customers.

Salary Range: over GHC 6000 per month

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

To submit your application, click on the link below and complete all relevant fields on the online application form.

Click Here To Apply Online

Closing Date: 16 March, 2023