Job Vacancy For External Auditor

Fiaseman Rural Bank PLC, a rural bank in the Western Region is seeking to engage the services of external auditor.

Search Objectives

• The successful firm shall audit the financial statements of the bank and issue a report in accordance with all statutory requirements on annual basis for 6 years of engagement
• The firm must qualify under section 138 of the company act 2019 (Act 992)
• The firm must be recognised as a licensed audit firm in Ghana, according to institute of chartered accountants Act 2020 (Act 1058)
• At the time of the application, the firm must be and shall throughout the recruitment process remain in good standing with the institute of chartered accountants, Ghana
• The firm must have been in audit practice for at least 20 years. The firm must havr audited a rural bank for more than 18 years
• The firm must have sufficient qualified number of staff to undertake the audit assignments at any given time
• The team lead with requisite professional qualifications must have been handling audit assignments continuously for not less than 15 years and a person of high integrity

Submission of Proposal

The firm should provide the following in their proposal:

• Curriculum vitae (CVs) of key personnel who will be involved in the exercise with specific roles
• Evidence of similar assignments conducted within the last 15 years, including references
• Technical proposal-detailed methodology, work schedules and verifiable means of quality assurance

Location: Western Region

How To Apply For The Job

All applications should be sent to:


The Head of Human Resource Fiaseman Rural Bank PLC
P.O.Box 80 Bogoso


Closing Date: 14 June, 2024