Job Vacancy For General Manager – TOT

Purpose of the Role

• Main function of the position is to oversee the overall operations of TOT, with special emphasis on managing all the Local issues and Statutory Agencies as an Authorized spokesperson, following the core values of the company, and Leadership, Accountability and Team Work.
• Responsibilities include the achievement of TOT’s business and HSSE targets/objectives.

Key Responsibilities

• Responsible for the safe operation of the facility
• Monitor Terminal operation to make sure that environment standards, government directives and safety requirements are followed.
• Ensure communications between Supply Chain, Commercial, Transportation, Engineering and other business lines functions are effectively maintained in both directions.
• Manage the relationship between TOT and the TOT partners (Head Office/ Customers / /Transporters/ Vendors etc).
• Provide leadership and direction to all plant departments and personnel.
• Develop and implement investment and operational strategies including infrastructure, equipment, technology, capital, maintenance, and personnel resources.
• Develop expense and capital budgets, gain approval, analyse monthly variances and lost opportunities, and operate the plant within budget parameters.
• Interface with the local community regarding common issues
• Ensure all personel are adequately trained
• Report key statistics and variables to upper management.
• Adhere to all corporate policies and standards including but not limited to environmental and regulatory, human resources, facility, equipment, operations and maintenance.
• Provide leadership to deliver the Operations plan, identify threats to stable operation, their short term mitigations and long term solutions.
• Work with the maintenance and engineering managers to identify threats to equipment reliability; develop systems and work processes to improve reliability.
• Serve as the main focal point for safety, health, and environment (SHE) issues and provide leadership and direction on related issues in operation to minimize costs and accidents.
• Encourage open communication by providing necessary information through meetings and mentoring.
• Work with the department managers to close competency gaps.
• Perform special tasks that may be assigned which will contribute to the achievement of the Company’s strategic objectives.

Qualification Required & Experience

Key Competencies/ Skills Required

• BS Engineering or Related Sciences
• Related Industry Experience (15 + years)


• The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor s degree in engineering; previous Oil Terminal leadership experience; 15+ years of Terminal operating experience
• Knowledge of Petroleum products, human resources management, and safety regulations.
• Good communication skills oral and written. Interpersonal skills, organization skills, and analytical skills.
• Good computer skills.
• Negotiation/mediation skills to resolve issues internally and externally; the ability to provide leadership and make decisions based on limited information.


• The ability to work in a changing environment.
• The ability to manage competing priorities and to allocate resources wisely and proactively.
• Skills/experience at speaking to the press, government leaders, regulatory agencies, customers, and the public.
• Strong management skills including the ability to influence key contributors and build a strong team.

Location: Tema

How To Apply For the Job

If you wish to work at Tema Oil Terminal, please send a cover letter and a CV with the Position as the subject to:

[email protected]

Closing Date: 22 November, 2021