Job Vacancy For Geotechnical Engineer

AngloGold Ashanti (Ghana) Limited, Obuasi Gold Mine is currently near completion of the redevelopment phase to become a modern, efficient and long-term profitable operation. The underground mining operation has been fully mechanized and designed to produce up to an average maximum of 5,000 t/day of ore mined.

We are seeking an experienced and self-motivated person to join our dedicated team as Geotechnical Engineer.


To coordinate and implement geotechnical systems and processes to ensure stability of mine excavations, whilst delivering on the business objectives / targets. To mitigate geotechnical risk by identifying geotechnical hazards and advising appropriate actions.


• Establish the necessary foundation for the redevelopment of the Obuasi Mine, and being operationally ready
• Implement suitable systems and procedures to ensure an effective and efficient implementation of the Rock Engineering/Backfill strategies and programs
• Coordinate internal stakeholder relationships and value with relevant management routines (communication, touchpoints, key meetings)
• Implement geotechnical programmes
• Provide unequivocal Geotechnical planning data to enable the quarterly updates of the rolling 12-month plan to be produced on time.
• Implement geotechnical data aligned to defined quality assurance expectations
• Carry out timely assessments of Geotechnical processes data
• Relay conclusions with accurate information and analysis
• Conduct work programme risk assessments conducted prior to implementation
• Develop and submit the annual cost centre budget to achieve the required targets for approved Geotechnical Outputs
• Adopt geotechnical budget with Annual (Quarter by Quarter) plan including: strategic intent, mine design, infrastructure specifications, production schedules, financial models, identified risks and issues
• Deliver the work of the Geotechnical function within approved budget targets and specified timeframes, costs and related KPIs
• Implemented approved work programmes and reports on the attainment of plan
• Implement controls to manage identified risks.
• Implement techniques, tools and skills for target development.
• Workplace monitoring and compliance with work standards of field personnel and contractors
• Demonstrate Safety Leadership and improve the Culture across the Geotechnical department and with own Geotechnical team regarding Safety, Health, Environmental and Sustainable Development
• Safety communications
• Achievement of safety goals and targets
• Legislative and regulatory compliance and document control
• Coordination of incident investigation
• Hazard reporting
• Risk management
• Certification readiness
• Safety, permitting, environment, cultural heritage and community considerations for exploration programmes
• Provide the resources and expertise to develop the team to capably and consistently deliver the annual budget, according to their role and level of authority
• Compliance with Labour Act, AGA and Obuasi HR policies
• For self-development
• Individual Development Plan
• Accountability Action Plan Meetings
• Rigorously drive implementation of projects and nurture and sustain a culture of Accountability and Continuous Improvement within Geotechnical team
• Report on the development and progress of initiatives and enhancements of the Geotechnical function, to include outputs and befits obtained.
• Monitor and report on the outcomes and standards of work from direct reports or field personnel and contractors
• Quarterly Reports which identify areas where Geotechnical may contribute an increase in enhanced methods which will bring improved efficiencies
• Optimise procedures within existing functional processes through the application of problem identification and resolution methodologies
• Establish and maintain consistent team performance and relationships within the function and cross-functionally within the department
• Develop and maintain constructive relationships with Internal Stakeholders (Corporate, Group Planning & Technical, sister mines, etc.) and external Stakeholders (Regulatory Agencies and Authorities, Minerals Commission) to establish existing and changing societal and regulatory expectations and requirements
• Managed key internal stakeholder relationships
• External Stakeholder Management and Engagement Plan to provide Geotechnical expertise and advice.
• Monitoring of Statutory regulations, elevating any concerns
• Continuous engagement with internal stakeholders and contractors

Qualification Required & Experience

• BSc in Engineering Geology, Geotechnical Engineering or similar


• A minimum of 2 years’ experience and demonstrated technical capability and knowledge of open pit and/or underground mining geotechnical design and implementation;
• Demonstrated capability to conduct technical geotechnical work with limited supervision;
• Be physically fit and be able to pass pre-employment and medical examinations / screening;
• Experience in the use of Mining Geotechnical Software;
• Good Communication Skills

Technical Competencies

• Understands the aspects of design basis and mechanisms identification and has demonstrated the ability to address their impact on the design with minimal supervision.
• Knows when to engage Specialists support.
• Understands how inputs & outputs to design specification contributes to the design parameters and how they can be manipulated to reduce variability.
• Can implement a new design specification philosophy under supervision
• Collects and manages relevant data to a high standard of quality assurance and control.
• Uses relevant statistical analysis, technical models, systems and tools as part of the analytical process.
• Makes & supports conclusions with accurate information & analysis suited to the mining method.
• Construct numerical models in simple codes.
• Understands the critical operational parameters to operate numerical codes and equipment within design tolerances.
• Understands the basic assumptions and reliability of numerical codes and equipment, and can identify when results are outside of norm.

Leadership Competencies

• Building Effective Working Relationships - The ability to build and maintain effective collateral and cross functional working relationship

Location: Obuasi

How To Apply For The Job

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Closing Date: 11 February, 2022