Job Vacancy For Handyman

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Position Title: Handyman

Job Overview:

The Handyman will be responsible for performing routine maintenance and repairs throughout the school campus to ensure a safe, clean, and functional environment for students, staff, and visitors.

Key Responsibilities:
General Maintenance:

• Perform routine maintenance tasks such as repairing leaky faucets, fixing broken fixtures, and addressing minor structural issues.
• Conduct regular inspections of school facilities to identify maintenance needs and address them in a timely manner.
• Keep accurate records of maintenance activities and report any significant findings to the Facilities Manager.

Electrical and Plumbing:

• Address minor electrical issues such as replacing light fixtures, outlets, and switches.
• Troubleshoot plumbing problems and perform repairs on faucets, toilets, and pipes as needed.
• Ensure all electrical and plumbing work complies with safety codes and regulation.

Building Inspections:

• Conduct regular inspections of school buildings to identify safety hazards, structural issues, and maintenance needs.
• Prioritize and address issues based on urgency and potential impact on school operations.
• Work closely with the Facilities Manager to develop and implement preventative maintenance plans.

Emergency Repairs:

• Respond quickly to maintenance emergencies such as power outages, plumbing leaks, etc
• Take appropriate action to mitigate damage and restore functionality to affected areas.
• Communicate effectively with school administrators and staff during emergency situations.

Grounds and Classroom Maintenance:

• Ensure outdoor areas are safe and accessible for students, staff, and visitors
• Work closely with teachers and staff to accommodate their needs and preferences.

Preventative Maintenance:

• Implement a schedule of preventative maintenance tasks to prolong the life of school facilities and equipment.
Perform routine inspections and maintenance on equipment such as fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and security systems.

Qualification Required & Experience

• Proven experience as a handyman or in a similar maintenance role, preferably in a school or educational environment.
• Proficiency in general maintenance tasks, including plumbing, electrical, carpentry, and painting.
• Strong problem-solving skills and the ability to troubleshoot issues independently.
• Excellent communication skills and the ability to interact positively with staff and students.
• Strong organizational skills and the ability to prioritize tasks effectively.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Kindly send your Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter to:

Closing Date: 30 July, 2024