Job Vacancy For Influencers, Bloggers, Vloggers

Since its inception 2 years ago, Design Jenius has risen from its humble beginnings as a one-woman graphic design services business agency, without even a website, to the rising giant now capable of receiving and handling hundreds of graphic design requests each week from businesses, individuals and organizations not only in Nigeria and Ghana but also from any English-speaking country worldwide.

We are blessed to have lots of loyal customers who love our products and services. We are blessed to have users and clients who appreciate the effort, capital, and care we invest into ensuring that we always deliver above and beyond all expectations.

In the spirit of continuing to meet the trust they have with us; we are looking for platform owners & influencers. With whom we can collaborate in order to give our clients their money’s worth.

Job Description

• The core of our services, as a communication management and digital marketing company, is to help our clients achieve their marketing & sales goals. These goals include reaching and getting the right amount of exposure to their ideal target audiences. By achieving this, the solutions that their products and services bring become accessible.
• To do this, we collaborate with various platform users and managers along with the general public in a win-win arrangement. One where everyone gets what they want and is happy.
• We already have platform owners and managers we work with. However, we are already always open to welcoming more collaborators.
• So, if you are a platform owner or manager such as Blogger, Vlogger, Social Media Influencer, etc; you can earn with your platform by collaborating with us. What Kind of Platforms do We Collaborate With?

Below is a list of (but not limited to) possible platforms whom we welcome for collaboration:

• Website Owners (in all niches – news, finance, general, sports, etc)
• Bloggers (if you own a blog, we welcome you)
• Vloggers (influencers on video hosting platforms like YouTube, etc)
• Social Media Influencer accounts
• And any other possibilities not listed above.

Basically, we’re looking for platform owners & influencers who have a consistent following. Through our collaboration, our clients can reach out to the audience your platform brings with their products & services. The list above are examples.

Salary & Payment

You tell us your prices and rules. We can then collaborate with you on clients’ whose project’s budget and requirement falls within your pricing and rules.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

To submit your application, click on the link below and complete all relevant fields on the online application form.

Click Here To Apply Online

Closing Date: 22 June, 2022