Job Vacancy For Lab assistant

Main Responsibilities

• Provide technician support for the Science Faculty.
• Prepare apparatus, materials and solutions as directed by the science teachers/head of the Science department.
• Set up, check and issue, equipment and apparatus for use in practical lessons.
• Construct and modify apparatus as required by the faculty.
• Retrieve and clear away apparatus.
• Assist with the development of apparatus and equipment for use in practical activities.
• Disposal of waste laboratory materials including chemicals, micro biological waste, animal waste in accordance with Health and Safety requirements.
• Carry out and arrange for the maintenance and repair of apparatus and equipment.
• Maintain required records and logs of all maintenance and servicing of equipment & facilities.
• Check deliveries & reorder essential items as necessary.
• Liaise with technicians in other schools.
• Other appropriate technical duties as requested by teachers / the Head of Science.
• Disseminate and implement all appropriate H & S legislation and guidance with respect to science education.
• Ensure the labs are secure when not in use.
• Ensure statutory safety regulations and safe practice is complied with, relating to teacher/technician skills qualifications, and student involvement in the labs, classrooms and workshops.
• Take care of animals and specimens for observational and experimental purposes.
• Liaise with teaching staff to develop new practical ideas and advise on schemes of work.
• Develop new systems in the laboratories and prep rooms to improve the technical support service.
• Carry out in-house repairs, calibration and maintenance and source contractors for external repairs.
• Manage the inventory and account for losses.
• Ensure an up to date chemical database exists.
• Any other duties assigned by Line Manager and/or management as required

Qualification Required & Experience

Technical Competencies

• Higher degree in lab technology or other related field
• Evidence of appropriate in-service training
• Minimum of a year experience
• Knowledge of the IB and/or Cambridge curriculum is a plus.

Knowledge, Understanding, Skills and Abilities

• A sound understanding of how students learn, how teachers can best teach and how to achieve high standards.
• High levels of communication skills both oral, written and in ICT.

Personal Qualities

• A team player respected by others
• Vision for continuous school improvement and development
• Always prepared to put students’ needs first
• An understanding of the skills needed to lead in a climate of constant change
• Diplomatic, with the ability to develop and maintain effective relationships with all stakeholder groups.
• Ability to act quickly and sensitively under pressure, to keep calm in difficult situations, deal with stress and absorb pressure.
• Ability to manage workload appropriately, with the enthusiasm, stamina and passion to enthuse and motivate others with regard to all aspects of the Aves Secondary School.
• Open and constructive, accepting feedback and always willing to learn.
• Excellent interpersonal skills, a sense of humor and a willingness to make him/herself approachable to all members of the Secondary School and the wider community; a ‘can do’ positive approach.

Location: Tema Community 25

How To Apply For The Job

Send application to:

[email protected]

Closing Date: 18 March, 2022