Job Vacancy For Lab Technician

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Position Title: Lab Technician

Position Overview:

The Lab Technician will support the science department by preparing and maintaining laboratory equipment, assisting with experiments and demonstrations, ensuring the lab environment adheres to safety standards, and providing technical support to both teachers and students. This role is crucial in facilitating a hands-on learning experience for students.

Key Responsibilities:
Lab Preparation and Maintenance:

• Prepare laboratory equipment, chemicals, and materials for science classes.
• Set up experiments and demonstrations as required by the teaching staff.
• Clean and store laboratory apparatus after use.
• Maintain an inventory of lab supplies and order new materials as needed.
• Ensure the proper disposal of hazardous materials and chemicals according to safety guidelines.

Technical Support:

• Assist teachers and students during laboratory sessions.
• Provide technical guidance on the use and care of lab equipment.
• Troubleshoot and repair minor equipment malfunctions.

Safety and Compliance:

• Ensure the laboratory complies with all health and safety regulations.
• Conduct regular safety checks and risk assessments.
• Maintain safety equipment such as eye wash stations, fire extinguishers, and first aid kits.
• Train staff and students on laboratory safety procedures and the correct use of equipment.

Educational Support:

• Collaborate with science teachers to develop new experiments and lab activities.
• Help create instructional materials, including lab manuals and safety protocols.
• Support the integration of technology in the laboratory environment.

Administrative Duties:

• Keep accurate records of laboratory activities, including equipment usage and incidents.
• Assist with the organization and maintenance of the science department's digital resources.
• Support the development of budgets for laboratory equipment and supplies.

Qualification Required & Experience

• A degree in Laboratory Technology or a relevant field such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, or a related discipline.
• Prior experience working in a laboratory setting, preferably in an educational environment.
• Familiarity with a wide range of laboratory equipment and scientific procedures.
• Strong technical skills and the ability to handle complex scientific instruments.
• Excellent organizational and time-management abilities.
• Effective communication skills
• Knowledge of health and safety standards applicable to a laboratory environment.
• Proficiency in using laboratory management software and other educational technologies.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Kindly send your Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter to:

Closing Date: 30 July, 2024