Job Vacancy For Landscaper

We currently have the following vacant positions on our team: Landscaper

Job Summary

• To maintain all garders, lawns and green areas on our premises paying particular attention to the cemetery and other public areas

Key Responsibilities include

• Maintains garders and lawns - mowing trimming, weeding and clearing of dead leaves
• Watering of lawns and other plants on premises
• Identifies plant nutrient needs and fertilizes appropriately
• Plants new trees, hedges/shrubs, grass as required
• Keeps are planted spaces clean etc

Qualification Required & Experience

• Minimum of 5 years proven experience on a landscaper in a similar sized facility e.g. hotel
• Able to operate maintenance equipment such as lawnmowers, sprinklers etc
• Good knowledge of pest and plant disease prevention and control

Location: Lashibi

How To Apply For The Job

Kindly send applications to:

[email protected]

Closing Date: 02 December, 2022