Job Vacancy For Monitoring and Evaluation Manager At Varkey Foundation

Job Title: Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
Work Unit: Varkey Foundation
City and Country: Accra, Ghana
Reports to: Project Manager

Job Purpose

•   The Varkey Foundation is recruiting a Monitoring and Evaluation Manager for its Accra project office, to help mobilise and deliver a two year interactive, distance-learning teacher training project called ‘Train for Tomorrow’, or T4T. The project aims to train school principals as Instructional Leaders, capable of training their teachers in student-centred, student-friendly teaching methods.

•   In addition the Varkey Foundation is operating a DfID-funded distance learning project entitled MGCubed, designed to improve learning for marginalised girls attending GES schools in the Volta and Greater Accra regions.

•   The M&E Manager will be a full time member of staff, responsible for internal monitoring, evaluation, quality assurance and programme improvement. The M&E Manager will be responsible for all aspects of monitoring and evaluation related to the project and will be responsible for meeting the project’s evaluation requirements. The work will involve managing the implementation of the M&E Framework and Evaluation Strategy, managing a small team of District Coordinators and managing the project database and mobile data collection system. The M&E Manager will also be required to provide technical support to the MGCubed project team on areas of M&E and the data management system as required.

Key Duties and Accountabilities

Train for Tomorrow Project M&E Framework and M&E Strategy

•   Finalise the draft version of the Train for Tomorrow M&E Framework, including finalising all data collection tools and monitoring strategy.
•   Implement the M&E strategy, ensuring milestone targets are met as laid out in the M&E Framework and agreed with the Project Manager. The M&E Manager will be responsible for coordinating and managing a team of District Coordinators to ensure all monitoring data is collected appropriately.
•   Analysis of monitoring data to provide timely project feedback to the Project Manager, as requested.
•   The M&E Manager may be required to travel outside of Accra to conduct monitoring visits occasionally.

Train for Tomorrow Project Logical Frame

•   Maintain the Train for Tomorrow logical framework, ensuring indicator achievements are updated on a regular basis  and shared with the Project Manager

Train for Tomorrow External Evaluation

•   The M&E Manager will serve as the link between the External Evaluator team and Varkey Foundation, and will be the first point of call for all issues related to the evaluation.
•   Responsible for all communications, including communicating deadlines and requirements to the External Evaluator team.
•   Reviewing all documents produced by the External Evaluator team.
•   Providing regular updates to the Project Manager on progress with the external evaluation.

Programme Database and Data Collection System

•   The M&E Manager will be responsible for managing the programme database (Salesforce) for both Train for Tomorrow and MGCubed. This includes ensuring the system meets all of the data management needs for each projects and providing technical support and training to staff. Where appropriate the M&E Manager will lead on working with outside consultants.
•   The M&E Manager will be responsible for managing the mobile data collection system (Taroworks) and its integration with the database. This includes providing technical support and training to ensure all office and field staff can use the application successfully. The M&E Manager will lead on all use of the mobile data collection system. Where appropriate the M&E Manager will lead on working with outside technical support.

MGCubed Project Monitoring and Evaluation Support

•   Provide support to the MGCubed Project Manager in areas of M&E, specifically data analysis and the logical framework.

Key Performance Indicators

•   Bi-annual reports to the Project Manager on progress against the M&E Framework and logical framework. Additional progress reports where required.
•   Maintenance of the Train for Tomorrow logical framework.
•   Management of the data management system (programme database and mobile data collection system – Salesforce and Taroworks).
•   Coordination of the external evaluation.
•   Staff and local and national stakeholder feedback.

Qualification Required & Experience

•   Educated to degree level


•   Excellent English language skills, including reading, writing, speaking and listening
•   Highly proficient in Microsoft Excel
•   Data analysis (quantitative and qualitative)
•   Report writing
•   The ability to multi-task and cope with a degree of pressure at peak times

Experience (required):

•   Previous experience of Monitoring and Evaluation, including logical frameworks, M&E frameworks and monitoring and evaluation strategies
•   Previous experience of using Salesforce as a database
•   Previous experience of data collection
•   Previous experience of using mobile data collection software
•   Previous experience of managing a small team

Experience (desired):

•   Previous experience of designing monitoring and data collection tools
•   Previous experience of using Taroworks
•   Previous experience of using DataLoader and Spanning Backup
•   Previous experience of managing a data collection project

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Please send your CV and a one page cover letter to:-

[email protected], outlining your motivation and suitability for the role.

Please note we will be interviewing candidates during this time, so early application is recommended.

Closing Date: 30 September, 2015