Job Vacancy For National Irrigation and Drainage Engineer At Ministry of Food & Agriculture (Tamale)


The GCAP, financed by the World Bank and USAID, is Ghana's flagship agricultural project.The project is currently being restructured including the following  revised Project Development Objective: To improve agricultural  productivity of both smallholder and nucleus farms in selected project  intervention areas through increased access to reliable water, land,  finance, agricultural inputs, and output markets.

The restructured GCAP will consist of the following seven components:

1)  Strengthening investment promotion infrastructure and facilitating secure access to land;
2)  Securing PPPs and smallholder linkages in  the Accra Plains; (iii) Securing PPPs and small-holder linkages in the  SADA Zone;
3)  Project Management including M&E and impact analysis;
4)  Investments in physical rehabilitation and modernization of existing  public irrigation and drainage infrastructure;
5)  Support to the  restructuring of irrigation and drainage institutions of the Government  of Ghana; and
6)  Support for the development of Water Users'  Associations and new scheme management institutions.

GCAP is looking for suitable candidates for a number of key positions as specified in detail below. Each position will be for three years. Selected candidates will be on probation for the first year; if confirmed based on satisfactory performance, the term will be extended by two years. For national positions, an extremely attractive remuneration package will be offered in accordance with the provisions for nationally recruited staff in World Bank funded projects in Ghana.

Organizational Reporting:

•   Reports to the Operation Manager/International Irrigation Engineer of GCAP
•   GCAP is looking for a dynamic and energetic National Irrigation and Drainage Engineer (to be located in Tamale) to assist the International Irrigation Engineer and the PIU in achieving the project outputs related to components (5) and (7)of the restructured project.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

•   Provides substantial technical inputs to the GCAP as guided by the International Irrigation Engineer (IIE) with regard to project components related to irrigation and drainage development in designated project locations financed and approved by the World Bank/USAID.


•   Assist the IIE in reviewing the work of the international consultants in the field investigations, surveys and designs required for the rehabilitation/modernization of irrigation and drainage infrastructure in Kpong Irrigation Scheme, Tono and Vea irrigation schemes.
•   Assist the IIE  reviewing the work of the international consultant in the field investigations, surveys and designs required for the completion and modernization of irrigation and drainage infrastructure in Kpong Left Bank Irrigation Scheme.
•   Assist the IIE in providing oversight to the international consultant in supervising the construction activities related to the rehabilitation/modernization of Kpong Irrigation Scheme, Tono, Vea and Kpong Left Bank irrigation schemes.
•   Assist in the formation of Water User Associations and selection of Scheme Management Entities for Kpong, Tono, Vea and Kpong Left Bank Schemes.
•   Assist in formulating operations manuals for Kpong, Tono, Vea and Kpong Left Bank Schemes.
•   Assist in formulating the maintenance manuals for Kpong, Tono, Vea and Kpong Left Bank Schemes.
•   Assist in the technical assessment and appraisal of irrigation systems and equipment options proposed by Grant Awardees/Nucleus farmers to ensure that they are appropriate and provide value for money taking into account all relevant site specific technical considerations including the type of crops proposed to be cultivated by the farmers.
•   Perform other tasks related to the Candidate's qualifications and experience that may be assigned by the International Irrigation Engineer.

Qualification Required & Experience


•   The candidate should have at least a Bachelor's degree in Civil Engineering and a Master's degree in either Irrigation Engineering or Hydraulic Engineering or Water Resources Engineering or equivalent field.
•   He/She should have at least 10 years' experience in the design and construction supervision of irrigation and drainage infrastructure.
•   Strong oral and written communication skills in English language with a capacity to communicate effectively to a wide variety of audiences, including conducting periodic presentations.


•   Knowledge of modern technologies regarding design and construction of irrigation and drainage infrastructure.
•   Ability to bring in technology related to Real Time Data acquisition systems for canals and drains,
•   Experience in operation and maintenance of irrigation and drainage infrastructure assets.
•   Experience in construction of civil works in clay soils.

Location: Tamale

How To Apply For The Job

Qualified and interested applicants should send application letters with copies of curriculum vitae, certificates and other relevant documentation to:

The Chief Director
Ministry of Food and Agriculture
PO Box M 37,
Accra, Ghana

For further information please contact:

The Project Coordinator
Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP)
Ministry Of Food And Agriculture (MOFA)
Po Box MB.37, Accra

Tel: +233-0302686948

Applicants are to include direct contacts (reliable telephone, fax numbers and email address) in their applications in order to facilitate early and easy contract. Only short listed applicants will be contacted.

Closing Date: 15 October, 2015