Job Vacancy For Quarry Manager At Melliss Quarry Ltd (Kissi, Cental Region)

Job Summary

•   Quarry manager is responsible for ensuring that quarries, pits and opencast sites operate successfully.
•   He will oversee all operations, both on site and in the office
•   Manage staff, coordinate production and monitor all site systems.

Duties and Responsibilities:
In the office, work activities may include:

•   checking that the quarry's production levels are maintained safely to schedule;
•   balancing sales and output;
•   altering the quarry's production system in accordance with the materials required;
•   liaising with sales and commercial teams;
•   performance managing the production process and setting and monitoring targets;
•   providing the owner company with information and statistics on the quarry's performance;
•   developing links with local groups and organisations;
•   managing and regulating the quarry's budget;
•   maintaining up-to-date records and dealing with paperwork;
•   ensuring that key government health and safety legislation (Quarries Regulations 1999 and Safety, Health and Welfare at Work (Quarries) Regulations 2008) is implemented throughout the site;
•   keeping up to date with relevant government legislation and industry developments;
•   developing inspection systems and checklists;
•   writing development proposals and reports;
•   managing and recruiting staff.

On site, duties include:

•   closely monitoring all areas of the quarry to ensure that extraction and processing work is carried out to the highest standard;
•   providing active leadership and management of safety processes and culture to minimise risk in all operations activities;
•   liaising with staff on site and dealing with any technical or staffing challenges that arise;
•   undertaking regular site inspections and risk assessments in order to comply with all health and safety regulations;
•   examining the materials produced to ensure that a high quality of product is maintained;
•   assessing equipment and production material levels;
•   ordering new items as required;
•   checking that all vehicles on site are maintained to a good standard.

Qualification Required & Experience

•   At least 2 years of experience
•   Should posses a certification in quarry or its equivalent

Location: Kissi, Cental Region

How To Apply For The Job

Send Application and CV to:-

Closing Date: 23 November, 2015