Job Vacancy For Regional Researcher – Climate Adaptation and Governance specialist


The Regional Researcher - Climate Adaptation and Governance specialist is responsible for supporting the coordination of the CGIAR Research Program ClimBeR (Building Systemic Resilience against Climate Variability and Extremes) Work Package 4 of transformative adaptation. ClimBeR aims to transform the climate adaptation capacity of food, land, and water systems in six Low and Middle Income Countries, with the the ultimate goal of increasing the resilience of smallholder production systems to withstand severe climate change impacts. The program will implement a bottom-up polycentric governance process that provides opportunities for self-organization and learning across systems, and independent decision making for adaptation planning and implementation at the local level.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Review and document relevant climate, water and food policy at multi-scales and multi-sectoral levels.
• Lead the development of a polycentric framework for potential climate adaptation plans integrating resilience and adaptive capacity for transformative adaptation in consultation with relevant stakeholders;
• Develop and test an integrated framework with ‘Leave No One Behind Indicators’ incorporating gender and social equity to strengthen polycentric governance that facilitates multiscale, cross-cutting interventions, and co-management of inter-related sectors: water, energy, and food;
• Lead the identification and mapping of multi-stakeholders;
• Coordinate research on stakeholders’ processes and power dynamics;
• Establish and maintain transformative climate adaptation-based partnerships and multi-stakeholder groups across multiscale;
• Support the coordination of multi-stakeholder discussions and knowledge insights.
• Identify early warning to early action and early finance (AWARE) framework and implement it to increase food and nutrition security of vulnerable households;
• Lead strategic and structured dialogues between crucial decision-makers in policy making and investment processes, and ClimBeR project partners to sustain stakeholders’ interest;
• Conduct national policy roundtables to influence climate adaptation/mitigation developments and planning, and government policies on climate change.
• Co-lead analysis of gender roles, across scales and sectors to identify opportunities for transformative adaptation.
• Engage with government departments through training, seminars, and workshops to build their capacities to successfully implement technical interventions, and their implications for adapting to climate change impacts.
• Organize focused training workshops on governance models, indicator framework on AWARE and ClimaAdapt.Gov (including concepts, methods, analysis of gaps in policies and institutional regulations) for planners, engineers, extension workers, young professional groups and community leaders.
• Lead the authorship and dissemination of high quality research findings through journal articles, briefing papers, policy papers.
• Support the overall coordination of Work Package 4 (transformative adaptation) in Senegal and Zambia, and ensure all outputs are achieved and delivered on time. Tasks here will include: planning, coordinating, organizing and implementing research activities and processes; and ensuring timely preparation of project deliverables.
• Organize regular planning and review meetings with all relevant stakeholders and implementing partners.
• Provide technical backstopping to project team/partners and contribute to meetings, seminars, workshops and knowledge outreach forums.
• Assist project management office with financial administration and management.

Qualification Required & Experience

The successful candidate will posses the following:

• A PhD degree in social sciences or a related discipline (sociology, public policy, community development, innovation systems, climate adaptation, and development economics).
• 3 to 5 years of relevant professional experience to bring into the practice of stakeholder engagement covering dialogue, participatory and knowledge co-creation processes, strategy, and foresight as applicable;
• Experience in theorizing, developing conceptual and analytical frameworks, as well as effectively using a combination of qualitative and quantitative research methods, and participatory approaches to design and conduct field research within a systems perspective;
• Experience in institutional analysis to leverage new technologies for community level resilience building for managing climate extremes;
• Knowledge on the digital innovation to promote scalable decision support for innovative community engagement for climate action;
• Understanding of the concept and practice of transformative adaptation and climate resilience, and ability to link it to broader knowledge of climate change;
• Capacity and expertise to work with multiple stakeholders across a wide range of disciplines and governance systems;
• A record of peer-reviewed publications in academic journals;
• Ability to communicate research findings in international conferences, and other platforms and social media in English and French;
• Working experience with international organizations will be an added advantage.
• Strong partnership development skills, and ability to establish alliances and mobilize resources for scaling and sustainability
• Demonstrated leadership and interpersonal skills, facilitation and coordination skills, ability to manage technical team and long term strategic partnerships;
• Demonstrated networking, team-building, project management and organizational skills
• Excellent written communication skills, with analytic capacity and ability to synthesize relevant collected data and findings for the preparation of case studies and progress reports;
• Passion for dialogue processes and engagement of stakeholders, in climate action and complex content and technical fields;
• Ability to work collegially and collaboratively in a multidisciplinary and multi-cultural environment;
• Good communication skills in French (spoken and written).


• Experience in developing and using integrated assessment conceptual frameworks in the context of climate action;
• Excellent analytical and planning skills;
• Ability to work independently and proactively with different stakeholders at multiscale;
• Good judgement, ability to work under pressure and respond quickly to deadlines;
• Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, to a range of different stakeholders;
• Excellent networking and engagement skills and strategies, with strong existing networks in relation to climate change issues.

Location: Accra

How to Apply For the Job

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Closing Date: 17 July, 2022