Job Vacancy For Resource Mobilisation & Administrative Officer At Ghana Monitoring & Evaluation Forum


•   Responsible for overall coordination, planning, development, and management of a resource mobilisation and partnership strategy to engage relevant partners, raise the necessary funds, and support accountability of transparent contribution management.
•   Assist in communications, event planning, data collection and the general administration of GMEF.
•   Responsible for the analysis and management of the relationship with private and government partners and of all fundraising channels and activities, ensuring engaged and long-term partnerships, as weli as flexible and unrestricted resources for GMEF.

Major Duties and Responsibilities:

1)  Substantially contribute to the development of the resource mobilisation and partnership strategy for GMEF.
2)  Coordinate the implementation of the resource mobilisation and partnership strategy, including (among other things):
•   Actively explore new partnership opportunities, reach out to potential partners and build lasting relationships to generate a sustainable funding stream for GMEF. The goal of this activity is to make the position of Resource Mobilisation and Ad ministrative Officer self-sustainable, i.e. the implementation of the strategy will generate sufficient resources to maintain the position beyond year I,and provide a sustainable funding for GMEF
•   Develop communication tools, brochures and materials, and manage the website and the blog.
•   Manage the membership directory, including contact details updates, fee collection, etc.
•   Develop and disseminate e-newsletter to all members and partners.
•   Manage any other private sponsorship or partnership that may arise.
•   Network and liaise with local and international M&E institutions and actors.
•   Further develop and regularly expand and update an online repository on M&E.
•   Manage the GMEF website, email and keep general correspondence updated.
3)  Assist in organising the quarterly and other fora/forums/events.
4)  Assist in developing content, planning and logistics for annual national conference.
5)  Assist with GMEF's accounting and financial procedures, including:
•   Bookkeeping;
•   Recording and tracking of receipts;
•   Reconciliation of accounts
•   Recordkeeping and preparation of financial reports
6)  And any other task, as agreed, with the Coordinator, Steering Committee, or the UNICEF M&E Specialist

The following are the expected deliverables:

•   Resource Mobilisation Strategy and implementation plan for GMEF.
•   Set of new GMEF brochures and communication materials.
•   Monthly newsletter and website updates.
•   Monthly report on status of activities, including updates on membership base and revenue generated

Qualification Required & Experience

•   3 to 5 years of professional experience in the field of resource mobilisation, fundraising, administration, external communications and/or marketing.
•   Degree in a relevant field
•   Previous experience in development work and/or specifically in Monitoring and Evaluation will be an asset.
•   Excellent writing and communication skills in English.
•   Basic Administrative and accounting skills.
•   Motivated, dynamic team player.
•   Experience in grants/subcontract management required, an asset.
•   Ability to work coilaboratively and effectively with colleagues at all levels, as well as internal and external clients.
•   Excellent organisational and analytical skills.
•   Web design skills will be an asset.
•   Excellent knowledge in use of Microsoft Office Suite (MS-Word, Excel, PowerPoint).
•   Efficient time management skills, personal organisation and self-management required.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

The above is a short description of the consultancy. Interested candidates can request the full terms of reference, or apply directly by sending their CV and cover letter by email to:-

[email protected]

Closing Date: 12 May, 2015