Job Vacancy For Supervisory Contractor, MFS Compliance

Job Summary:

• Provides expert advisory services related to Mobile financial Services compliance and undertakes required analytics for MFS compliance programs, support with anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorist financing (CTF) monitoring and prevention processes.

Job Role

• Propose controls and ensure its implementation to prevent Mobile Money services from being used by criminals to launder money, fund terrorism, defraud customers or commit other crime.
• Contribute and operationalise MFS Compliance and Analytic frameworks
• Lead assigned investigation of AML breaches or any types of MFS fraud by actively collaborating with internal stakeholders such as MFS, Revenue Assurance and Third line forensic (where internal staff are involved) and liaise with Police and any other security or anti-crime bodies.
• To review monthly the accuracy and integrity of Customer Identification Data in the Mobile Money systems.
• Implement proactive risk assessments with clear advice to business on KYC requirements, AML risks and mitigating controls.
• To assist in the conduct of risk assessment of money laundering and Terrorists Financing (TF) related threats against the Company.
• Active representation in Mobile Money projects, meetings, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) sessions to ensure compliance per standards
• To conduct periodic monitoring and analytical regarding financial transactions across the Mobile Money transfer service and any other products or services as assigned.
• To assist with strategic research as required in relation to high value/threat of AML frauds, risk, and security issues.
• To oversee sanction and Political Exposed Persons (PEP) screening outputs to identify PEP/TF activity.
• To conduct an effective AML training program across MFS footprints nationwide per plan of the compliance team
• To follow-up on implementation of recommendations made by External Auditors or any other regulatory audits in the MFS space.
• To assist with periodic review of MFS compliance initiatives to ensure prevention and detection of non-compliance issues within the MFS ecosystem.
• To carry out regular predictive data analytics of mobile money logs and transactions for the identification of non-compliance issues.
• Assist with maintenance of automated compliance tools for proactive and effective compliance management.
• MFS Operational compliance, ensuring adherence to safe e-money practices and to mitigate and prevent fraud risk.
• To assist in initiatives for decisive responses to MFS non-compliance matters which includes Mobile Money merchant and subscribers’ awareness, mystery shopping and spot checks to ensure compliance within the Mobile Money value chain.
• Collaborate with Regional Sales and Mobile Money Implementation Managers to ensure that MFS compliance requirements are coordinated and effectively managed end to end.
• To assist Mobile Money Leadership in the development and implementation of PPP’s and closure of audit actions to guide effective delivery in the MFS function
• Generate compliance reports as requested by Line Manger and key stakeholder.

Context :

• Dynamic and highly competitive telecommunication & ICT industry
• Evolving telco with a focus on platforms
• Multi regulated environment
• Impact execution focus

Foundational Skills Proficiency Required

Strategic Planning & Thinking

• Considers customer needs and trends in the development of strategic plans
• Implements strategic objectives
• Understands the strategic direction of the organization and highlight areas of potential value or risk

Critical Thinking

• Produce useful ideas or explanations for circumstances but lack in identifying or including cause and effect
• Undertakes a complex task by breaking it down into manageable parts in a systemic, detailed way

Analytical Thinking

• Analyze the data to detect trends and issues in the data and information in a logical and factual manner.
• Makes logical deductions from data sets
• Identifies a solution for resolving the underlying problem

Decision Making based on Decision Modelling

• Identifies the core issue in problem solving, considers possible solutions and seeks direction and advice as appropriate
• Seeks to problem solve effectively by correctly analyzing the issues, seeking expert advice as required and consulting and collaborating with others as appropriate

Integrated Analytics

• Demonstrates an ability to take a comprehensive approach to insights development, through demonstrating integrated thinking
• Works with cross functional teams across the business to ensure that the organization is gathering good quality behavioral information and technical data.
• Leads the Divisional insights strategy for the Division and makes a significant contribution to Divisional reporting

Qualification Required & Experience


• A Degree in Statistics/ Mathematics/ Banking and Finance/Accounting, Computer Science.
Professional certification (ACAMS / Risk Management)


• 3 years’ experience or more within Compliance & AML; with at least 2 years in relevant sector / industry /area of specialization

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Qualified applicants should indicate vacancy number IRC26860 as the email subject. Interested and qualified applicants should send their Curriculum Vitae to:

[email protected]

Closing Date: 10 April, 2022

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.