Job Vacancy For Technical Trade Jobs (Construction Workers)

Jonhord is looking to work with men and women with technical experience in a wide range of trade jobs including but not limited to Masonry, Clothing and Textile, Acting and Modeling, Culinary and Traditional Chefs, Pastries and Cake Making, Woodwork and Carpentry, Plumbing, Auto Mechanics and Car Repairs, Carpet Installation, Electrician, Heavy Equipment operation, Insulation Installer, Landscaping, Painting, Air Conditioner Installation and Repairs, Machinist, Mechanical Drafter, Locksmith, Mechanical Insulation and Installing, Elevator Mechanic, Metal Fabricator, Cargo Freight Agent, and many more.

Who Should Apply?

• Anyone who has completed Vocational school or Polytechnic but having difficulties getting a good-paying job.
• Anyone who has completed Vocational school or Polytechnic and planning to start their own business.
• Anyone with a great deal of experience but lacks the tools to attract enough customers.


• Make sure you indicate on your Application or CV your area of expertise. Include pictures of any jobs you have done.

Location: Accra

To submit your application, click on the link below and complete all relevant fields on the online application form.

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Closing Date: 22 December, 2020