Job Vacancy For Transport Manager

A renowned Engineering Project Management company is looking for a Transport Manager to manage and oversee all its fleet and the transport department.

The Transport Manager is responsible for the planning and coordinating of road haulage, distribution and passenger transport operations, including routes and schedules.

As a transport manager, your duties include but are not limited to the following:

•   Working with suppliers and customers, planning routes and scheduling delivery times
•   Making sure the transport department meets its targets
•   Putting together performance reports for directors
•   Arranging vehicle maintenance, motor insurance and tax payments
•   Organising vehicle replacements
•   Implement all transportation policies approved by management.
•   Propose improvements in the existing system.
•   Ensure proper inventory of all components of vehicles are maintained and checked frequently.
•   Ensure the maintenance, oiling and servicing schedules of vehicles care followed.
•   Managing a team of supervisors and drivers
•   Coordinating training and re-certification of drivers and registration and re-certification of vehicles.
•   Liaise with external transporters to convey materials and equipment to various sites.
•   Liaise with warehouse manager to properly load trucks to various sites.
•   Provide subordinates with good leadership and work guidance.
•   Keep and maintain an accurate record and documentation on all TMG fleet and keep all such relevant records current at all times.
•   Ensure good Disbursement and Control of fuel for all staff.
•   Submission of monthly report on fuel usage.
•   Keep and maintain a regular maintenance schedule for TMG fleet of vehicles and other mobile equipment.
•   Undertake errands as may be deemed necessary to ensure smooth operation of the company.
•   Provide subordinates with good leadership and work guidance.
•   Track all vehicles and their routes using the Company’s existing Tracking System and submit reports on vehicle movement as required.
•   Perform any other related assignments as may be required by management.

Qualification Required & Experience

As a road transport manager, you would need:

•   Minimum of an HND in a relevant subject, such as logistics and transport management.
•   Minimum of 5 years’ working experience in a similar position
•   Strong organisational skills for planning schedules, journeys and loads
•   Excellent budget handling skills
•   The ability to think logically
•   The ability to work flexibly and to make decisions quickly
•   Excellent communication skills and the ability to deal with people at all levels
•   To be Computer Literate
•   Good leadership and motivational skills
•   A good understanding of transport regulations
•   Good geographical knowledge.
•   Good writing skills for report writing
•   A valid driver’s license

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Interested applicants with the requisite qualifications and experience may apply with a detailed CV and copies of their certificates by email to;

[email protected]

Closing Date: 04 April, 2015