Job Vacancy For Village Savings and Loans Officer (VSLA)


Orcas Global is an indigenous business organization established to provide innovative and environmentally friendly business products and services that address very unique socio-economic and environmental challenges in Ghana and Africa at large. We provide products and services in the agriculture, and Entrepreneurial Development.

POSITION TITLE: Village Savings and Loans Officer (VSLA)
REPORTS TO: Project Coordinator
ACCOUNTABLE TO: The Chief Executive Officer


The VSLA Officer will have overall responsibility in the facilitating and implementation of all VSLA and pre urban related activities including SME and vocational skills. He/she will ensurethat all proposed objectives and targets are achieved concerning VSLA and pre urban activities including guidance to successful formation of VSLAs, Rapid Appraisal of Income Generating activities(RAIGA), beneficiary training on business/entrepreneurial skills. The officer will ensure regular field visits to monitor activities and conduct timely weekly and monthly reporting.

Core Responsibilities will include but not limited to the following:

1.Facilitate the planning, organization, and management of VSLA and IGA related activities.

• Conduct awareness /sensitization on VSLA and IGA activities among communities and local leaders.
• Facilitate community vulnerability process in target communities to assess community gaps and provide basis for planning.
• Develop work plans (Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly) to ensure effective implementation of VSLA related activities as outlined in the detailed implementation plan.
• Facilitate the identification and/or formation and mobilization of local structures such as VSLA groups, IGA groups, financial institutions and marketing groups in the villages and district.
• Facilitate beneficiary identification in consultation with communities and local leaders using set criteria.
• Facilitate the identification of village level VSLA agents to enhance community awareness and ownership/sustainability of VSLA approach.

2.Key technical tasks.

• Identify technical capacity and challenges of beneficiaries and village agent face and skills/knowledge they have in VSLA, Business development, Income generating activities (IGAs), etc.
• Facilitate and ensure the establishment of village savings and loans association groups, IGA groups, and VST among the target communities.
• Oversee and regularly monitor when the VSLA groups are conducting the share purchase, social contributions, and borrowing and repayment of loans to ensure proper documentation/recording of VSLA field cash box.
• Train beneficiaries and village agents skills on VSLA methodology, BDS, RAIGA groups/cooperatives and marketing.
• Train economic development groups/associations/committees on governance, leadership, VSLA, BDS.
• Coach, supervise and mentor the village agents for effective facilitation and support of VSLA and Income generating activities.
• Strengthen the capacity of partners.
• Facilitate and organize exposure or exchange visits and any other events for the beneficiaries to foster learning and experience sharing.
• Ensure timely procurement of and delivery of right quality and quantity of VSLA kits/tools required by the beneficiaries and ensure these are used appropriately.
• Ensure sorting out any misunderstanding that may arise within VSLA group members to ensure smooth running of the process and prevent drop out.
• Identify high capacity vocational skills training center for the youth to learn different skills as per market demand/market survey results in order to equip skills for self-employment.
• Facilitate and conduct market assessments in order to establish skills gaps, guiding the training of youths in VST.
• Facilitate in depth value chain analysis and meeting with actors throughout the market chain to gather critical market information.
• Ensure linkage/integration economic development activities with Agro pastoral and pastoral activities to foster synergies under the drought recovery project.
• Ensure that VSLAs social funds are available to those members who face acute stress to serve as emergency resources and ensure timely availability of project matching funds.
• Ensure best Vocational skilled youth graduates selected from VSLA groups are provided with complete starter up kits or have access to grants.
• Based on their business plans through a competitive fair and inclusive process(based on business plans)ensure that individual VSLA members are linked with microfinance institutions to borrow loans for business startup/investment on proposed business plans
• Facilitate training of VSLA members on life skills such as on basic literacy and numeracy skills, household financial affairs, risk management and planning etc.
• Making sure of balanced gender (Men, Women and Youth) in the representation and participation of the project.
• Liaise with the Program Manager for all decisions related to VSLAs and pre urban livelihoods and carry out any other duties as may be assigned by the Line supervisor.
• Work closely in teamwork with partners’ team as well as other program teams Logistics, finance and Health etc.

3.Monitoring, Evaluation, Documentation and Reporting.

• Conduct regular follow-up visits to VSLAs, IGAs groups and VST graduates to see if they are applying the technologies/practices and provide technical assistance where there are gaps.
• Track progress of the savings groups, VSLAs, and IGA activities to see if targets set in the annual work plan are achieved.
• Facilitate data collection from savings groups and manage/supervise the MIS information flow to Program Manager.
• Monitoring and supervision of Village Agents performance in the villages.
• Consolidate/compile monthly, quarterly and annual activity reports on special events showing achievements, lessons, constraints and recommendations which should be submitted to the relevant authority at the agreed time
• Assist IGA Entrepreneurs to assess their local economy and find markets for their products and services.
• Carry out quarterly/annual review meetings to assess performance of activities against set targets at the community and program levels.
• Conduct ED assessments and document benefits from these and write success stories.
• Monitor and facilitate the use of the Community Early Action information (collect & dissemination) to strengthen beneficiary’s preparedness towards any potential shocks (drought, floods, conflicts etc.) at community and district levels.
• Participate in field level assessment and or evaluation of project performance/activities.


• Represent Orcas Global in the field meetings relevant to VSLA and pre urban activities, meetings with government, INGOs, Local NGOs and other players in the district.
• Build relationship and coordinate with stakeholders (local leaders, district authorities, microfinance institutions, etc.), relevant government Ministries/departments.
• Participate in field level coordination meeting with local government authorities and other agencies.

Qualification Required & Experience


• Diploma/Degree in Business Administration, Banking and Finance, Accounting, Community development, sociology, and any other relevant experience in microfinance, livelihoods, IGA and VSLA methodology
• At least 2 years’ experience on community development/food security agriculture and pastoral livelihoods.
• Experienced facilitator /trainer
• Working experience in resilience initiatives or programs is highly preferred.
• Familiarity with principles and practice of savings-led microfinance and with strong awareness of challenges faced by traditional methodologies. .
• Willingness to travel to all project locations on regular basis.
• Experience in working with Non-Governmental organizations, UN agencies and local communities, local authorities and Local NGOs.
• Strong computer skills and ability to use standard computing packages such as word, excel, power point, spreadsheets and database software programs.
• Strong communication and report writing skills.

Location: Northern Ghana: Tamale

How To Apply For The Job

Apply by sending your CV, Cover letter, Certificates and other relevant documents to:

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Closing Date: 10 January, 2020

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