Job Vacancy For Procurement Manager At Telecentre Hotel

Job Summary:

•   Search for the highest quality merchandise at the lowest possible purchase cost.
•   Secure (3-5) manufacturers for each product at varying costs and qualities
•   Survey competitors prices and products on a quarterly basis
•   Produce quick and accurate quotations to clients’ inquiries,
•   Manage the purchasing and inventory activities of the company
•   Estimate price and product availability, inventory usage, control & develop policies & procedures.
•   Direct & coordinate the procurement goods, supplies & services essential to the supplies operations.
•   Support sales team in getting new clients & generate business.
•   Contribute in identifying trading & sales strategy for supplies products.

Purchasing Responsibilities

•   Forecast procurement needs
•   Build and develop relationships with key manufacturers/suppliers and customers in the hospitality industry
•   Secure (3-5) manufacturers for each product at varying costs and qualities.
•   Obtain best import and agency terms with our manufacturers/suppliers
•   Obtain best credit facilities, terms of payments and profit margins with our manufacturers/suppliers.
•   Obtain best credit facilities and terms of payments with our banks.
•   Closely wash and monitor our competitors’ prices and product list.
•   Performs a market survey on our competitors’ prices, discount rates and products every quarter.
•   Review quotations; negotiate prices, delivery terms with our manufacturers and suppliers.
•   Prepare purchase requisitions, approve and issues purchase orders in accordance with company policy and negotiated terms and conditions.
•   Maintain procurement files in orderly fashion and updated by the day.
•   Training purchasing Clerks.
•   Providing prices lists and product knowledge materials to Sales team.
•   Supervise inventory taking of goods.
•   Discuss defective or unacceptable delivered goods with clients, manufacturers and transporters to determine cause of problem while taking corrective and preventative action immediately.
•   Manage vendor relationships and assist in building effective partnerships with suppliers.
•   Initiate and design department policies & procedures in developing and implementing purchasing strategies for products.
•   Responsible for planning, developing and buying materials, parts, supplies and equipments in a timely and cost effective way; timely manner while maintaining appropriate quality standards and specifications.
•   Develop and review purchase requests and ensure authorization as necessary to facilitate the timely purchase of hotel supplies products.
•   Structuring product contracts.
•   Studying sales records and inventory levels.


Evaluation Criteria

•   Successful track record of delivering results in the areas of cost reduction, service levels, and quality and inventory levels.
•   Demonstrated ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously. Exceptional organizational skills and ability to meet deadlines.
•   Results-oriented team player with a high level of integrity and customer focus.

Qualification Required & Experience

Required Educational Level

•   Bachelor’s Degree in Business (logistics, accounting, finance)

Professional Knowledge:

•   Strong analytical and negotiation skills.
•   Knowledge of municipal budgeting and accounting principles and practices and required maintenance of records and files.
•   Knowledge of computerized purchasing and inventory systems.

Special Knowledge:
– Excellent command of English language and Excellent Knowledge in MS Office Tools (Word and Excel).

Skills & Abilities:

•   Teamwork
•   Strong Follow-up abilities
•   Excellent Communication skills
•   Planning, organizing
•   Coordination
•   Strong Follow-up abilities

Personal Characteristics:

•   Hard working, Dedication & career oriented
•   Excellent Interpersonal Skills
•   Persistence and Challenging
•   Willingness to work in mixed work environment
•   General appearance should be presentable

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Applicants should send a copy of their CV to:-

Or For inquiries, call:-

0207-598443 / 0241-052338 / 0322-125040

Closing Date: 15 December, 2015