Job Vacancy For Radio Access Engineer At Tigo

JOB PURPOSE: Responsible for Field Maintenance in your area of operation.

You are open-minded, passionate and the way you work energizes others. You are committed to the timely delivery of a job well done. You behave with integrity and transparency. You lead by example and promote the “bottom-up” approach to work that has made Tigo a leader in every market in which we operate.

Key Responsibilities


You will drive and be the key owner to the following responsibilities:

•   Perform both scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on network equipment (BTS and Microwave).
•   Should respond to emergencies as quickly as possible
•   Implement cell site expansions as and when it is necessary.
•   Responsible for the completeness and accuracy of cell site log each time a site visit is made.
•   Assist with the design and implementation of BTS to switch, and switch to other operator interconnect facilities.
•   Assist with the identification and requisitioning of a minimum level of test equipment to support BTS, microwave and satellite networks.
•   Help in the expiation or upgrade of BTSs
•   Daily monitoring of transmission network
•   Serve as alternate back up for Radio Access Supervisor
•   Perform any other duties assigned from time to time
•   Ensure that all faulty equipments under your care are returned to the appropriate place and where necessary sent for repairs.
•   Have to be proactive in other to prevent outages of any kind
•   Sites under your care must be visited twice a week and must be kept clean at all times.
•   Receive daily reports on problematic links under your care and act accordingly to prevent any outage.
•   Monitor and report fuel shortage, faulty genset and faulty Air conditioners to the power section.
•   Ensure that all external alarm are configured and are functioning at all time in your area of operation.

Qualification Required & Experience

•   1 -2 years work experience in Telecommunication
•   Knowledge of the following:

1. Radio Access Network
2. RBS 2000 and 6000 series
3. Ericsson Transmission nodes
4. Sagem ADRs
5. Node Bs
6. Site Commissioning and maintenance
7. AC and DC Power system


•   Good Team Player
•   Proactive
•   Independent and Fast Learner.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Interested and qualified candidates should

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Closing Date: 27 November, 2013

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