Job Vacancy For Senior Relationship Manager of Retail Bank – Wealth Management At UT Bank Ghana Limited


•   Provide a relationship based offering to high net worth affluent individuals through a pro-active, highly responsive personal approach to meet the financial needs and service expectations of high net-worth individuals.
•   Proactively promote a relationship based offering through operating as a dedicated and primary point of contact for the customer and providing financial solutions which meet customers’ expectations in accordance with the segment value proposition.
•   Connect customers with specialist expertise as and when required to provide appropriate support as per the segment value proposition.
•   Maintain a high level of respect, integrity, professionalism and ethical standards whilst building valuable long term relationships with customers.


•   Acquire new customers (high net-worth affluent individuals) as per the criteria outlined in the segment value proposition and reflected by the segment strategy and sales targets.
•   Pro-actively identify cross selling opportunities within own portfolio of customers to maximize bank revenue and ensure all customers’ financial needs are met by UT Bank. Be guided by the segment value proposition and sales targets as to what the priority products are both from a bank and the customer perspective.
•   Conduct a needs analysis with all new and existing customers to ensure that product opportunities identified are appropriate to meet the customer’s needs and expectations.
•   Comprehensive understanding of customers’ short and long term financial goals/aspirations and keep up to date with changes in the financial needs and purchasing power (e.g. salary) of customers.
•   Plan a comprehensive calling/contact management programme for all customers within own portfolio and act on the calling programme as planned to ensure all customers are contacted, to meet customers’ service expectations, improve knowledge and understanding of the customer (e.g. change in salary , source of income, frequency of income) and identify additional customer needs resulting in cross sales. Document all call reports.
•   Pro-actively manage own portfolio to maximize revenue for UT Bank (referring to fees, margins and sales), minimize costs and risks, whilst maintaining and extending the customer’s relationship with UT Bank.
•   Ensure that customer relationships are sustainable by maintaining the balance between bank profitability and customer satisfaction.
•   Establish, build and strengthen one-on-one relationships with customers, based on mutual respect, to retain customers and gain word-of-mouth referrals.
•   Place equal emphasis on investment (non-borrowing) and borrowing customers.
•   Deliver the expected level of service to own portfolio of customers.
•   Ensure that customers are appropriately educated regarding the value of using self-service channels (Internet Banking, ATM’s, Mobile Banking) to empower customers and minimize standard service requests. Ensure that customers are migrated to self-service channels where appropriate.
•   Ensure that the customers are well informed with regards to lending application processes (e.g. vehicle finance, home loans, overdraft, credit card, personal loans, etc), credit maintenance processes (e.g. Annual reviews) and account conduct expectations (e.g.  minimum account balances, insufficient funds for debit orders and cheque payments, etc).
•   Inform customers of contract/account terms and conditions, fees, rates and commissions applicable.
•   Ensure that qualifying customers (as defined the segment value proposition) are timeously migrated from the branch to the Private Banking Suite.
•   Retain ownership of customer requests, complaints and applications – follow every task through to completion keeping the customer updated on progress.
•   Ascertain when customers require specialist advice and arrange appropriate introductions with specialists. Generate and pass on leads.
•   Determine when new or existing customers require Business Banking or Corporate Banking expertise and arrange introductions accordingly. Interact and build strong working relationships with Business Banking and Corporate Banking staff to extend the customer’s relationship with UT Bank and ensure that customers’ business banking requirements are met in a seamless fashion.
•   Interact frequently and build strong working relationships with credit specialists, product specialists and wealth specialists, where applicable, to ensure appropriate turnaround times and ensure customers’ needs and expectations are met.
•   Manage credit and operational risks are set out in compliance and credit guidelines.
•   Overall accountability for credit aspects pertaining to own portfolio, including the completion of referral report, taking action regarding exception reports to eliminate accounts in excess, ensure that all accounts are limitised and no reviews are overdue.
•   Establish and build knowledge and understanding of product and credit application processes to eliminate the number of reworks and ensure acceptable turnaround times for customers.
•   Ensure proper record keeping (filing, update customer records on bank system, etc.)
•   Ensure limits are loaded, market segment codes are correct and all fields are captured accurately on the system. Private Banker is ultimately responsible for the data integrity of own portfolio.
•   Attend to all correspondence relating to portfolio, including e-mails, phone calls, messages, documentation, faxes, queries and complaints, etc.
•   Ensure activation and usage of transaction accounts.
•   Ensure proper procedures are followed when closing accounts, including the recovery of outstanding funds/fees and retaining cheque books/cards.
•   Cooperate and work effectively with others in pursuit of team goals by sharing information, providing support, showing care and being considerate of other team members.
•   Effective management of subordinate, Transactional Banker as per HR guidelines.
•   Responsible for performance management of Transactional Banker and addressing poor performance.
•   Actively seek to improve others’ skills and talents by providing constructive feedback, coaching and training opportunities to develop their abilities.


•   Mature professional
•   An effective networker at all levels, both inside and outside the bank.
•   Ability to identify customers’ requirements for specialist financial/product expertise and advice.
•   Articulate in the communication/presentation of financial solutions and factual information to customers.
•   Strong communication, negotiation and persuasion skills
•   Independent, socially confident, quick o establish rapport and build credibility with customers.
•   Forsters confidence among customers
•   Ability to educate customers.
•   Ability to listen and probe customers effectively to ensure proper understanding of needs.
•   Advanced sales and consulting culture.
•   Achievement oriented, embracing and achieving challenging targets.
•   Self motivated and energetic.
•   Consistent, honest and trust worthy – demonstrating integrity
•   Ability to have difficult conversations with confidence – refusing a pricing/rate concession, communicating a declined loan application to the customer without blaming Credit etc
•   People management skills, including team building, team motivation, goal planning and optimizing team skills to deliver results.
•   Possession of strong leadership capabilities and be able to lead and motivate a team
•   Self driven, results oriented and a clear focus on high quality and business profit.
•   Open minded, a progressive thinker, a listener and an individual who is comfortable with participation from fellow employees
•   Superior people management skills


•   Identify potential difficulties and generate possible solutions within value proposition, operational, credit and product guidelines criteria
•   Take into account credit and product policies as well as segment strategy to formulate solutions that benefit both the customer and the bank
•   The application of financial planning, credit and risk management principles are critical.
•   Required to take into account the total customer relationship with the bank (transactional, lending, investment, wealth and business banking, Corporate Banking relationships) as well as the community influence of the high net-worth individual when solving problems and suggesting solutions.


•   Plan customer contacts and prepare for calls well in advance by identifying possible financial needs.
•   Plan diary daily, weekly and monthly to allow for customer appointments.
•   Formulate annual, quarterly, monthly and weekly action plans to achieve sales and financial targets
•   Take the long term consequences (and risks) of short term gains into account when planning and identifying sales opportunities or retention tactics to ensure efforts are sustainable.
•   Plan to deliver all aspects of the customer value proposition and the bank’s strategy.
•   Analyse customers’ financial behavior, current product holding and short to long term financial needs to identify sales opportunities whereby needs can be matched to specific products to benefit the customer and increase revenue to UT Bank.
•   Ensure that arrangements are made that someone is always available to attend to portfolio of customers when Private Banker’s Assistant or Private Banker is unavailable.


•   Quick to assimilate and integrate new information.
•   Monitor change in local market environment and changes in customer behavior to identify opportunities or risks to be acted upon.
•   Able to assess situations quickly and take initiative within limits of authority.


•   Good Analytical Skills
•   Adept at Microsoft Office suite
•   Ability to interact with all levels of management and employees
•   Fair knowledge of financial analysis and reporting.
•   High Marketing/Selling Proficiency


•   Understanding of the high net-worth individual and affluent market – typical profile, lifestyle, financial needs, etc.
•   Deep knowledge and understanding of segment value proposition.
•   Sound knowledge of all products and channels relevant to this market, including qualifying criteria, product/channel features and benefits, pricing, product/channel combination possibilities and efficient product usage through self-service channels.
•   Understanding of the bank’s products in respect of service level agreements and the banks service provision networks.
•   Understanding of which products are most required by high net-worth individuals and/or most beneficial to this market as well as understanding of which products are most beneficial to the bank.
•   Knowledge of equivalent competitor products and services
•   Working knowledge of UT Banks strategy and segment strategy.
•   Knowledge of local market environment and financial issues that may impact portfolio
•   Working knowledge of banks systems
•   Thorough understanding of credit principles as well as application and maintenance processes.


•   Minimum of First Degree in Business related field. Post graduate qualification will be an added advantage
•   5 years banking experience, preferably dealing with high net-worth individuals in a portfolio context.
•   Strong sales background.
•   Experience in completing loan applications successfully.

Location: Accra

How To Apply For The Job

Interested candidates must submit their CVs to:-

[email protected]

Closing Date: 31 December, 2013