Job Vacancy For Warehouse Manager (Sakumomo, Tema)

Job Summary

The holder of the position’s duties and responsibilities would include, but not limited to the following:

•   Accept material records that would be needed for all projects at every particular site from the Site Manager and keep proper records of them, paying particular attention to their Upper Limits, Lower Limits and their Re-order levels.
•   Raise the appropriate Requisitions for all materials that have reached their Re-order Levels to replenish their quantities before they run out of store.
•   Receive materials from Suppliers and the Logistic Officer into store, not forgetting to check and double-check their appropriateness before accepting them into stores.•   Issue the right Goods Received Notes to the Suppliers after checking the right quantities and qualities, returning all the rejected materials with its Goods Return Notes.
•   Receive Materials Requests from individual contractors, duly approved by the Site Manager and issue the right materials to the right persons.
•   Diligently keeping proper and accurate records of all material levels at all times.
•   Take stock every month ending and at the end of every financial year and furnish the Accounts Department with the right records.
•   Avail yourself for auditing at any time deemed fit by Management without notice.
•   Analyse and recommend any security measure(s) that you may deem fit from time to time to ensure the security of all the company materials in the warehouse and other locations and see to their implementations.
•   Maintain the appropriate Internal Controls to ensure the judicial use of all materials for the company.
•   Carry out any other duties and responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time

Qualification Required & Experience

The successful applicant must possess:

•   A minimum of three years of work experience.
•   A first degree or its equivalent in Logistics Management.
•   Must uphold integrity.
•   Must have good written and oral communication skills.
•   Must posess the big picture awareness.
•   Must be able to work well without supervision.
•   Must have the big picture awareness.

Location: Sakumomo, Tema

How To Apply For The Job

To apply please forward a copy of your cover letter and curriculum vitae to:-

[email protected]

Closing Date: 10 December, 2014