Request for Proposal – Midterm Performance Evaluation of the GHANA POULTRY PROJECT (GPP)


Request for Proposal – Midterm Performance Evaluation of the  GHANA POULTRY PROJECT (GPP)


METSS Profile:

• The USAID Monitoring, Evaluation and Technical Support Services II (METSS II) Project is a four-and-half year cooperative between the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Ghana Mission and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The implementing partners of the project are Kansas States University (KSU) and the University of Cape Coast (UCC). METSS II Project’s role is to provide rigorous monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and other related support to the USAID/Ghana Mission’s efforts toward evidence-based planning and performance management. The Economic Growth Office (EGO) of the Mission is responsible for implementing programs and activities under the USAID/Ghana Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) Development Objective (DO) 2: “Sustainable and broadly shared economic growth”. The EGO also participates in a number of sector groups such as private sector development, agriculture, finance, energy and, water and natural resources. In addition, the Office assists with preparation for official US Government events, such as visiting Congressional Delegations. METSS II mandate is to assist the USAID/Ghana EG Office to meet its responsibilities and achieve its development objectives in Ghana.

• METSS II on behalf of USDA is seeking the services of a consulting firm, or a team of evaluation experts to carry out a midterm evaluation of the Ghana Poultry Project GPP). The successful firm or team will be required to meet the deliverables contained in the detailed Statement of Work (SOW) available upon request via email. There is no guarantee that METSS II will utilize the services of any individual responding to this Request for Proposals (RFPs). The detailed Statement of Work (SOW) which includes the period of performance and expected deliverables will be available upon request via email: [email protected] . In order to continue in the process for consideration, a written response to this RFP via email is necessary.

Summary and Purpose of the RFP

• The Ghana Poultry Project (GPP) is a five-year USDA-funded project and is one of the two agribusiness complimentary programs implemented by the USDA in Ghana. The GPP is implemented by ACDI/VOCA and Techno Serve, and was designed to increase the competitiveness of the domestic production and processing of poultry meat and eggs. The project intends to increase targeted sector commercial performance by building coordination between firms, promoting the adoption of quality standards, strengthening business planning and market-penetration strategies and reinforcing buyer-supplier linkages. The project activities will expand end-markets for poultry production inputs, raise the income and employment opportunities and accelerate improved efficiencies at key stages of the poultry value chain. The activity implementation will: 1) reduce Ghana’s dependence on imported poultry meat; 2) improve the profitability of egg production; and 3) expand national and regional trade in poultry products and in sector-related inputs and service markets, which ultimately will result in both a sustainable and equitable increase in incomes for male and female producers in the poultry, and related commodity sectors.

• The purpose of the mid-term performance evaluation is to determine the extent to which implementation of the Ghana Poultry Project (GPP) has progressed towards the attainment of its intended objective of “Increased competitiveness of the domestic poultry value chain through inclusive market system approach.” In addition to determining the attainment of targets of a number of key indicators, the evaluation will also determine what components and interventions of the project are working well and why, which perhaps are not and why, and to make mid-course corrections if necessary. These efforts are intended to help guide the implementation of activities in the remaining years of the project.


Questions and/or enquiries concerning this SOW should be sent by no later than October 17, 2018 at 16:00 hours via email to:

[email protected]

Subject: Ghana Poultry Project Performance Evaluation Solicitation # METSS-2018-204.No phone calls, please. Any information given to one Applicant concerning this SOW will be furnished to all others who have also applied for the detailed SOW.

Proposals are due on October 22, 2018, 11:59pm GMT. Your Proposal in response to this SOW must be sent to [email protected]

Subject: Ghana Poultry Project Performance Evaluation Solicitation # METSS-2018-204.

METSS II complies with U.S. Sanctions and Embargo laws and Regulations including Executive Order 13224 on Terrorist Financing, which effectively prohibits transactions with persons or entities that commit, threaten to commit or support terrorism. Any person or entity that participates in this SOW process, either as a consulting firm, or a team of evaluation experts, must certify as part of the bid that they are not on the U.S. Department of Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) List and is eligible to participate. METSS II shall disqualify any Proposal received from any individual or entity that is found to be on the List or otherwise ineligible.

Applicant(s) are expected to examine the specifications and all instructions contained in this document including the terms and conditions of the resulting contract. Failure to do so will be at the Applicant(s) risk. Applicants are responsible for all costs associated with preparation and submission of their bid package. METSS II will not reimburse bidders for costs of preparing bids.
Applicant(s) must include a completed Technical Proposal Submission Sheet which should be requested alongside the detailed SOW by sending an email to:

[email protected]
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